Perhaps two-thirds of the way up out of the canyon, there’s a wash out that makes for a bit of a spicy eighth of a mile. I also ate a bunch of chips. Mike encouraged me to make the call the next morning, and see how I felt after a night’s sleep. When I was in my 20s, I went on two backpacking trips with my brother, Rob, and his friend, Kip, in the High Sierras of California. In fact, I don’t think any of us have peed during a day on the trails as much as we had that day. My family and I did the hike many years ago in 13 nights and enjoyed every minute of it. Wednesday, August 1: Leave White River at 6:30 a.m., arrive back at Longmire at 7:30 p.m. This was a big deal because our feet were feeling the miles and keeping them happy was a priority. My right IT band was tight and my knee hated every step. Our first destination would be Summerland, a long-time favorite of mine. The bugs seemed happy, though. The night before, our friends Elly, Angel, and Tim had arrived to replace Ana and Adam and supplement Sharon, Mike, and Bill as crew, cheer, and support. I was totally demoralized by this “uphill-downhill” which noodles along a ridge and provides way too many false summits. One of the the really cool things about the Wonderland Trail is that you can cache food at certain locations around the trail. After a long, tough second day on the Wonderland Trail, this day would feel like a walk in the park. At Mystic Lake, we all needed to refill our water and then we were off again. The final descent along the Paradise River is a treat. 1 Crazy Adventure. This humble yet inspiring path weaves through ancient forests, flows through flower filled meadows, and climbs the many steep ridges cut from the mountains powerful systems of fire and ice. Capturing both the glory and the pain and supplemented… Wonderland Trail in 3 Days: Day … I found it all. In part due to a deflated sleeping pad, in part due to the fact my body was getting used to the 5am wake-up. Get out of the sleeping bag and get dressed. That series is segmented into each day as I talk to the camera and chronicle my sojourn. Another group conference later, we remained split and agreed those of us who were ready to cross would, and if the remaining group members weren’t comfortable they’d wait the 3 hours and cross later. Fastpack Essentials. I then ran to the bathroom to take care of the other side of things. My family, my husband, and my friends give me purpose and direction, and I love them. The trail was often overgrown, which just seems to add a bit of misery when you’re already hot and sweaty. Eager to make progress on this shorter day (I really really wanted to get into camp early and take a nap! We both decided on the Salomon Agile 17 litre, a stretch-fit pack designed for running with one main compartment, mesh side pockets along with pockets on the waist harness, and Salomon’s usual ‘4D pole holder’ for our running poles – yes, running pole… The first time I did the climb out of Indian Bar, it kicked my butt. This year’s “big adventure” destination landed squarely in our Pacific Northwest backyard: seven of us—Kari, Kelli, Wendy, Heidi, Sarah, Vivian, and I—decided to go around Mt. Parties requiring space for 3 or more tents must camp in a group site. Running the Wonderland Trail: 3 Runners. Our first landmark, at 5.5 miles and 2500 feet, was Devil’s Dream. From there, I dragged into the Visitor Center and promptly inhaled a hamburger, two bags of popcorn, and two sodas. Fastpack trail descriptions & Strava links: 90 total miles, 27K vertical feet. All photos copyright Sarah Brouwer and me. However, I didn’t feel any force from the water and it was actually a relatively easy crossing. A trail that would challenge me mentally and physically. Rainier’s Wonderland Trail in 3 days involving pain and suffering. Once we hit the Carbon River, we were on known territory for me. In other words, I wasn’t thinking well. This next sections don’t really stand out in my mind for anything except that we kept going up and down, through the trees and out in the open. If you are someone who wants to spend some serious time exploring, photographing and enjoying lots of side trips, you might consider taking two weeks to hike the trail. The trail is relatively smooth, it’s not too steep, it’s all downhill, and it’s the homestretch. I dressed, forced down food and changed out my day three food bag to include a quart-sized baggy of chips. 3 Days. I would think you need to up your mileage substantially. The rangers told us we could wait another 3 hours for them to finish the bridge in order to be safer. Oh, and there were 90+ degree temperatures in the forecast and two of the bridges were out. Here, the river had carved a new channel the day before, and we had to rock hop and finally just walk through the water to get to the bridge over the main channel. In 2009 I authored a journey of Mt. Questions. Members. Wonderland Trail Day 3: North Puyallup River to Golden Lakes. If you think about it, that would translate to “Nightmare” and it was indeed a nightmare of bugs. Love to all! Thanks for sharing….on my bucket list for sure….. This news definitely affected our outlooks. Up again at 5 a.m., we were slower at getting ready and finally left camp at 6:30 a.m. Pain and Suffering: Wonderland Trail in 3 Days February 12, 2014 by Steve I schlepped a camera on my 2009 thru hike to record a different Vidcast (see below, You're a Wimp! Basically, everything between Summerland and Indian Bar are part of what I consider heaven on earth—beautiful meadows, high alpine ecosystems, stellar views of the Mountain! Eighteen trailside camps, 3 to 7 miles (5 to 11 km) apart, are located along the Wonderland Trail. wife. At Golden Lakes, I split off from Wendy and Heidi—with whom I’d spent the last couple of hours—and set off downhill toward the Mowich River, trying to catch up with the rest of the group. Nice report, and long mileage days due to your limited time. It was insanely gorgeous! level 2 In 2009 I was filming the Wonderland Trail for a Vidcast and talked to the camera about how it was going for me. Use this unofficial tool to plan your hiking itinerary for the Wonderland Trail. We first headed up to Emerald Ridge, which was breathtaking! With the Wonderland Trail behind me and the soreness still lingering in my legs I write you this story about our 3 day, 93 mile journey around Mt Rainier. 20 miles/wk is a very small base for steep 30 mile back to back runs three days in a row. runner. Over the 2 miles from Mystic to the Winthrop, we powered on … hoping we would arrive before the day’s warmth increased the river’s levels too much. That family and another couple were swimming and cooling off in the lake, and we quickly joined them. It was clear to me that my trip was up. There was no way I was going to be able to continue the next day. Our friends are the best! When my alarm rang at 5 a.m., I drank another bottle of water. Wonderland Trail in 3 days. This year’s “big adventure” destination landed squarely in our Pacific Northwest backyard: seven of us—Kari, Kelli, Wendy, Heidi, Sarah, Vivian, and I—decided to go around Mt. I grew hotter and I started not to feel well. With age comes wisdom, and this transit was essentially much easier than 2009….although the days were still long, coming in at 17 hours each. The stories definitely did not make it sound easy, but 93 miles split into 3 days, at an average pace of 3mph, that’s just an average of 11 hours a day. The ranger advised to wait an hour, and we could see where things stood with the bridge improvements. In 2009 I authored a journey of Mt. We invited her to join us, but she cheerfully shook her head and later passed us at a nice clip. I shared my own situation, and I think we both were in the same state of mind. A bucket list adventure for sure!! Because big waterfalls, alpine meadows, and ridge lines that touch glaciers are … At Box Canyon, we marveled at all the people and cars and used flush toilets and washed our hands with soap and water. Even as I was packing, I had doubts about my focus and questioned whether I had the level of commitment in my heart to pull this off. Thanks so much!!!! When our friend, Marna, did the Wonderland last year, the Mowich bridge was out and it made for a sketchy crossing. Build a custom itinerary for hiking Mount Rainier's Wonderland Trail. Clearly salt was still high on the body-needs-this list. Get my food bag off the bear pole and start on another 4 star breakfast. finding inspiration as a mom. ( Log Out /  This final solo stretch was an important time for me. However, it would be a wait before they could complete the work. It seemed possible that we would have to turn back and give up on our trip. Once across, we had a long hot climb up to St. Andrews Lake. Overall was around 93 miles of hiking with 44,000 feet of elevation gain and loss over the course of 6 days… Wonderland Trail: The Wonderland Trail in the Summer. Goodness! When we arrived, Rachel was soaking her feet in the creek and she shared that two humongous blisters were troubling her. We also heard that a man had been washed off the log bridge the day before and had died. If you're feeling ambitious, the hike can be done in three days (or fewer if you're truly a beast), but most hikers choose itineraries calling for six to eight days. Wonderland trail at mount Rainier 09/15/2013 - 09/21/2013. My feet were hot and sore and felt blistered. Such an amazing accomplishment! Alexandra Partington (alexandrapartington) danpartington (danpartington2) Robin (robin86692989) Ssroly (ssroly) Lists. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. With our tents and sleeping bags waiting for us, we changed out some gear in our packs and fell into bed. my life. There are many water resources, however, you definitely need to be well prepared to avoid being bitten by those nasty mosquitoes. Once we passed Mike and my previous turnaround point, we were back again in unknown territory until we reach Old Desolate above Mystic Lake. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Wonderland Trail Day 3 & 4 Posted by wellpickledTara February 9, 2020 April 2, 2020 Posted in Uncategorized Tags: Washington Hiking , Wonderland Trail Disclaimer: The Well Pickled Wonderland trail journal is more about my experience on the trail vs. descriptions of the trail itself. Friday, Day 3: Run From Mowich Lake to White River, 28 Miles, Elevation Gain/Loss +7,871’ / -7,900’ This is the “light” day of the trip. I can only strive to give back to them as they give to me. Rainier’s Wonderland Trail in 3 days involving pain and suffering. The Wonderland Trail is an amazing, rugged 95-mile loop around Mt. They drove us to Longmire and we took all the obligatory group photos, and then we were off. This time when we invited her to join us, she jumped at the offer, and we were once again a group of seven. Wonderland Trail: 95 Miles Total Elevation Gain: 23,810’ At 14,410’ Mt. Since then, I always know what I’m in for, and I warned everyone else in advance. Rainier, the highest peak in Washington State. 20+ miles a day is definitely doable but you do have to work harder than any other trail I've hiked. The next morning (our first day on the trail) our amazing crew for day one—Ana, Adam, and Sharon—had water boiling at 4:45 a.m. and we were packed and ready to go by 5:45 a.m. - See 42 traveller reviews, 54 candid photos, and great deals for Mount Rainier National Park, WA, at Tripadvisor. ), I charged ahead, ignoring my watch chimes that I have programmed to remind me to eat, drink, and take electrolytes routinely. I love how luxuries and civilization are a shock after just a couple of days on the trail. With a 10 day itinerary, we decided to take advantage of only one cache location, and that was at Longmire. Capturing both the glory and the pain and supplemented… Wonderland Trail in 3 Days: Day 3 … It was unnerving—because the water was so brown from the silt is was carrying, when the waves of water crossed the bridge I’d lose sight of my feet and the bridge itself. Flower-coated meadow. Tentatively on the docket for the year: Running Around Mt. That said, Wonderland is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it. Topping out affords views of Skyscraper Mountain, Mount Fremont, the valleys down to Grand Park, and the Burroughs. There was lots of discussion about the pros and cons of starting points and directions, but ultimately we chose to start and end at Longmire and to go clockwise. The Wonderland Trail is a 150 km route that circumnavigates Mt. Most people take 10-12 days to complete the Wonderland Trail—Washington’s iconic circumnavigation of its tallest peak—but we had signed up to do it in six. My! As we waited, the day continued to warm and my earlier “Sunrise-or-bust” attitude started to tear me apart. His teenaged son had run for help, and that morning helicopters had been out searching for the body. Mountain views. A trail that would overwhelm my senses with its grandeur. Who is hiking? This section ascends just under 2000 feet over 3ish miles, and it becomes another one of those breathtakingly beautiful places along the Wonderland Trail. After some discussion, most of us felt confident about going, but not everyone. Then I drank another bottle of water and went back to sleep. The trail starts rather anticlimactically by running along the road for a bit, and then starts heading up Rampart Ridge (and ironically taking us right by Cougar Rock campground). Ammi Midstokke September 11, 2014 Get Out There Running. Oh well. I was not in good shape that year and endured a bit of suffering, finally finishing on day 3 at 2:20 AM. Day One of the Wonderland, Longmire to Mowich: 34 miles, 11K vertical feet [ Strava] Day Two, Mowich to White River (via Spray Park): 24 miles, 7.7K vertical feet [ Strava] Day Three, White River to Longmire: 31 miles, 7.8K vertical feet. The people you do things with flavor your experiences. However, being recently retired, I had some mileage under my belt and 11 more years of experience. The mountains are serious business. Crossing the bridge was a thrill, and we all acted like children squealing and laughing as we bounced our way across one at a time. I was able to do most days before sun down except for a … The first thing we started to nerd out on was our packs. The right people enhance the experience and make each moment bigger, better, and simply more fun. Instructions: Select your start and end trailheads, number of days, and hiking direction. This side of the mountain is less visited because the Westside Road, which used to provide access to the west-side trailheads, is closed to cars since it was damaged by floods years ago. You guys are all the BEST! In 2009 I authored a journey of Mt. This bridge also was partly submerged, so feet that had made it across the first channel dry now got to get wet anyway. Each time, I’ve wanted to see more, experience more, of this wonder: a trail that goes around Mt. Why? After the Winthrop, you traverse gently up and down to Granite Creek and then ascend several hundred feet through forest. I went to bed resigned to failure. and White River Campground about 7 p.m. Wednesday, August 1: Leave White River at 6:30 a.m., arrive back at Longmire at 7:30 p.m. This time around I’ve authored this journey (with some reminiscing) over 3 days with a shoulder mounted GoPro. Our day started with crossing the White River just outside camp. A trail that could be cruel and giving. Each camp has 1 to 8 sites for 1 to 5 persons per site. After crossing Kautz Creek, we continued our way up. I finally caught them after a couple of miles and enjoyed their spontaneous rap songs (with Skat Master Sarah as DJ) and silliness. I asked if anyone would mind stopping at the creek so I could soak my feet in the cold water, and everyone was onboard with that idea! After the climb, everything caught up with me. The first day on the Wonderland Trail (2nd day of the tour) totals 30+ miles (48.3+ km) with six long climbs and descents. in 2014 my three friends and I comfortably hiked the Wonderland Trail in three days. What a difference….I did the same 3 day journey akin to the series I accomplished in the 90’s, only this time at age 65. Rainier, with our 7,230 metres of elevation gain. Our climbing was essentially done! Mike—who had arrived earlier in the day to set up camp—was waiting at the intersection with the trail that heads off (the wrong direction) to Spray Park and offered us all a bit of a scare (since it had been so long since we’d seen anyone else) as well as a sense of welcoming, and Sharon waited just up the trail and offered a warm hug and congratulations as we headed into camp. Saturday, September 24, 2011 Wonderland Trail in 3 days (day 3) I woke up Monday around 6AM, and laid in bed until 6:30 AM before getting up and heading with the others down to breakfast. My thoughts remain with the man who died and especially with his son, who witnessed everything. A few years ago, Mike and I rode our mountain bikes up the Carbon River Road to Ipset Creek Campground and then hiked up to the snout of the Carbon Glacier. Change ). I was excited about day two: I knew most of the trail, loved the views, and knew that it would be a shorter, easier day that ended in burgers at Sunrise Visitor Center. Course Overview. Viewer beware….this video is 50 minutes long, so prepare for a lengthy view of my Wonderland Trail hike #32, Enjoy! But when we got there, we not only found the river pouring over parts of the bridge in waves, we also encountered a ranger who strongly advised against crossing. Rainier, that shows off its volcanic nature as well as its meadows and forests and glaciers. As for me, I left camp queasy, uncertain, and determined. I talked to Wendy, who was limping through camp in her flip-flops, and I felt terribly for her. My trip would never have happened if it were just me out there, alone and without purpose. Full prices from: €1,075.00 per person There are so many things I could have done during this hour, and in retrospect they’re obvious (hydrate, eat, find shade and a cooler place). I ran most of this on my own … behind Elly, Kari, Sarah, Heidi, and Kelli and ahead of Vivian and Rachel. I then slept like the dead until I woke up at 4 a.m. to go to the bathroom. It’s about 8 miles, with 1500 feet gain and 2100 loss, to Golden Lakes, our next major landmark. Pain and Suffering: Wonderland Trail in 3 Days. In another half mile, we arrived at Reflection Lakes. In recent years, I’ve covered the section along the Carbon River to the Carbon Glacier, the section between Frying Pan Creek Trailhead and Box Canyon five times, and the section from Sunrise to Mystic Lake. So, when we got there, we decided to wait for the group to be whole again so we could be assured of everyone’s safety. She also shared that she was the first person the teenaged boy had found after his father was swept into Winthrop Creek, and that it continued to weigh heavily on her mind. Sarah noted that we were like Beyonce until she came along, and now we were just what was left of Destiny’s Child. A six mile, uphill walk in the park, but with only one steady climb. My husband had hiked down to the Mowich a couple of weeks earlier to check out the crossings there. While we debated our course of action and looked at the bridge, we literally watched the water level rise. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ( Log Out /  (9/23/2020): Rob Blakemore create this remarkable Wonderland Trail visualization of the 3 most recent Male Supported FKTs. I spent a lot of that time reflecting on the journey, on what I had learned about myself and about my friends, on what I could do to be a better group member and person, on the giving and supportive friends and spouses who contributed to our trip, to our friends who did not start or could not finish, to my children who waited at home for me. This was the second person to die in a river crossing in the past five days (there would be one more we’d learn about later), and we were definitely concerned. They were some of the longest, most demoralizing miles of my life. It was along this descent that Heidi stepped on a loose rock the wrong way and was suddenly sliding off the trail. (Thank you to my mother-in-law, Nancy, who’d made my favorite chili chicken with rice. to help you prepare.

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