I think you better do your research some more, there’s lot’s of us liberals that are die hard gun supporters! I encourage all to pray and wait on the Lord. Expect prices to go up and quantities to go down. With Sierra’s purchase of Barnes we anticipate the availability of Barnes bullets to increase substantially in a very short period of time. So are various brands of ammunition. The rally cry of “they are coming for your guns “ when I no one knows who “they” is and “they” can’t because it’s settled law because the peoples SC said so is really stale. Good lesson to learn. Generally I get discounts for purchasing this volume. That’s a great idea Tom. Thanks for the update! I understand having limits but 2000 primers and paying hazmat fee with shipping means I will not be buying any primers unless I need powder also. The government is increasing the ordering of ammo! I am just going to wait, shoot less, and hopefully production will eventually overtake the shortages and we can all pay a fair price for things. I have plenty of large pistol primers and large rifle but need small rifle primers. All the years that we have supported the gun and ammunition and components industry, and the first opportunity the supply chain gets, from manufacture down to the local gun stores, they screw us over and over and over. With Remington in a state of financial insolvency for the past two years, suppliers were demanding payment upon delivery for products. Barnes bullets and primers were hit particularly hard in the reloading market. Only a respect for others and a love for a sport that would continue to exist if we were good stewards and logically regulated its growth. Of all the components needed to reload ammo, it seems primers are the toughest to find, prompting many reloaders to refer to the current crisis as “The Great Primer Shortage of 2020.” However, I disagree. This will definitely put a hurting on all the shooting sports, hell pretty much anything with a bullet. Thanks for being there for us Powder Valley, it very much appreciated.. Primers will come back, and it be just like 22lr or hand sanitizer. Especially the last paragraph. I understand why you limit a 1000 primers per person when you have the primers in stock. This is unprecedented. Without God we are nothing! I know I did, 25k SPP, and no I don’t have any left….all traded off or sold long ago. Thanks for the insight. With some persistence, I have been able to locate some primers I needed, but the experience was not always good. It’s outrageous to pay 200-300$ for 1k primers on GB. They may have projectiles, brass, and powder on hand but no primers,” Felde explained. YOU ARE HURTING THE COMMUNITY. Finally a thorough, realistic explanation. Owner Conservatives play dumb and are slow to act. I agree 100%. STOP CREATING THE DEMAND. They have openly stated they are hell bent on stopping the purchase of firearms and all firearm related items through interstate commerce. Has the up arming of the Military had an effect on the availability of primers ? ITS A DEMAND SOMEONE CREATES EVERY ELECTION. Nice article and well-written but I would just add that when primers hit the desired price point, they will suddenly become available again, just like .22 cal did two years ago. Thomas have a good idea. There are a … For notbeing aware and ignorance. Limiting regular PV primer customers to purchasing a single box of 1,000 that incurs the full hazmat charge only richens the shipping companies and applies a huge penalty to the buyer. Instead of complaining but agreeing we are getting screwed by the retailers selling the ammo won’t help but remember who these folks are when times are over supplied. Probably won’t get to use it until I can get more primers. I really think manufacturers are hoarding for the uncertainty of our election, I agree with you when you take GOD out of everything,well just read what he did to Israelites !! This is the main issue. Industry capacity is roughly 4.6 million primers per day. A quick look at places like Gunbroker show plenty of primers are available – unfortunately, they are often 2 to 5 times normal MSRP. Thanks for the informative article. dang, was thinking more of casting /testing hand rolled 12 guage slugs, Talk about shortage. 😉. If the ammo companies are really putting out ammo, where is it all going? I realize I’m not alone in my frustration but it sure feels like it sitting here in my basement with thousands of brass, bullets, and pounds of powder but no way to set them off…??? They have already done it in California and hope to make it nationwide. This would be similar to crude oil supply,,,,,None, Zero, Zilch was exported until we were/are self-sufficient,,,Now we are exporting oil 🙂 I wasn’t up to speed on Remington’s negative impact to the market. NOW THOSE MAGS ARE HOW MUCH ? Thank you for the write-up as it was informative. So if they have so many then why do we have none? Not so good according to Vista Outdoor CEO Christopher Metz whose company operates Federal, CCI, RCBS, Alliant, Blazer and many other shooting industry brands. Gosh??? Whether you’re a tournament shooter or a recreational enthusiast, we keep our shelves stocked with the best and widest array of reloading components and reloading supplies available while ensuring competitive prices for … I’d like to do more business with you guys. It’s frustrating and actually sometimes infuriating to see “out of stock” hundreds of times a day. 1 Yes we’ve received primers This has happened before and I decided the last time I would buy a little every other month until I felt I had enough. I agree with your last statement, we need to PRAY! https://www.bullseyenorth.com/reloading-primers. Thanks for all of the hard work you folks do. That being said I would like to thank you for taking the time and making the effort for writing this informative article. Elitists from both sides will sit back and watch! Praying for change is OK. However when you place limits of 1,000 on primers plus hazmat and shipping doesn’t make financial sense. Thanks Bryan. Why? I believe the use of the word stockpile is to be prepared for short or long term shortages. The hope would be that Vista will place more emphasis on getting the Remington primer production capacity increased substantially and quickly. The personal ammo makers are a huge part of their sales and will always be there because they are loyal shooters. Canada has primers and they won’t ship to the USA. I have been a customer for a number of years . I did that very thing of taking advantage of low price ammo back since 2005 and forward till 2015. leaders. Metz declared: “We currently have over a year’s worth of orders for ammunition.” That value of those back-orders exceeds ONE BILLION dollars. Very good analysis! The price went up 30-40% and stayed there. He has supported sensible gun control. Demand has far exceeded supply. You didn’t mention the political agenda of the anti gun left. People said it could never happen in California and it did. A single large buyer placed an order for 400 Million primers in early September. Stock up in times of plentiful supply so that you are not affected as greatly during these times of extreme shortage. all this year. To believe it’s cheaper today, especially to a serious reloader is hardly true. We believe this is having an impact on availability, but probably not to the extreme that many think. While this doesn’t impact our frustration it is good to understand. Do we see this changing soon? This cycle of shortage is going to continue until the public either changes it’s buying habits or stops electing control freaks who want to make our personal decisions for us. Please let us put them on Backorder so when in it gets charged and ship’s making it easy and simple. Just thought I'd create a thread to help each other out with ideas/possibilities/info. If the traitors would quit attacking the Constitution, we would not have this problem. It’s very frustrating. I’ve wondered why I haven’t see ANY CCI primers Obama is the cause. I have been stockpiling. I have expanded to casting and sizing bullets for myself, scavenging used brass even in calibers that can be converted. This can be frustrating for shooters and hunters looking to keep their edge on the range, and can be concerning for preppers, survivalists, and others who are concerned about their safety. I mostly shoot rimfire around the house, anyway. Buckle up, its gonna be a bumpy 2 years till Congress goes Rep. freedom of speech for example, so stock up while and when you can. Biden has openly stated he is coming after certain guns. By doing so, a shooter avoids the ups and downs of supply and demand. Maybe I’ll just throw the bullets really hard, or buy a slingshot/wrist rocket. Toilet paper was also in high demand but modern manufacturing made it more availability. AKA tin horn dictators Bwhaha bwhaha bwhaha, Great explanation of the circumstances. We have an extremely large number of new reloaders who have entered the market. When I started reloading a sleeve of 5k was 60 bucks. I fear that I may have wasted my time? Huge Increase in Gun Purchasing in 2020 The Remington bankruptcy has had a large impact on the shortage of ammo and primers. So what’s going on here — why can’t you find primers? Nr.1 certainly supports if not mandates a substantial increase in manufacturing capacity. This leaves primers, which are relatively difficult to make, as the component that causes the bulk of ammo shortages. I say, “America First!” NO exporting reloading components Until our shelves are Full!! Most new gun owners are opting for 9mm and other popular centerfire chamberings. We’ve never seen that kind of spike in gun ownership in a single year. Remember the Obama primer shortage? I’m tempted to go through the exercise of disassembling loaded 62 grain 5.56, resizing and reforming at least 500 rounds to 300 Blackout. What do you read into, “Stacking the Supreme Court”? Straight Shooter Ammunition LLC Asking for a friend…. Hence, primer production is the bottleneck in ammunition production process. They are running 2 shifts along with “Help wanted” signs. Casting aspersions of being anti-gun and pigeon holing those who disagree with that interpretation is groundless. Fortunately, I ordered 2000 primer from Powder Valley before the SHTF. No, afraid not, since the election (as of today) is undecided, it will be awhile before you see any change in the primer or bullet supply. Same for me, my supply will take me a number of years to exhaust and will also buy when prices are as good as they’ll get in the future. Since American manufacturers are unable or unwilling to make more primers available maybe a Chinese manufacturing should explort primers to America. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); 3. I for one am not affected by this as I stocked up a If, if you can find the equipment (presses, dies, etc.) i just inherited from my brother 9 boxes 209 primers Winchesters ,, 2 boxes NSI 209 and 4 boxes of Remington sts 209 along with 8 bags #9 shot and tons of shells for reloading. Thus also goes for the primers, respective powders and With little answers on the virus, it’s hard to see when these closures and limitations will end. Why should they when someone is willing to pay 400.00 for a 29.00 box of primers. Just my opinion, but! To God be the Glory!! If they feel the government is trying to track them than have someone in here that took up knitting make you a tin yarn cap. Remington primer production capacity has never been great. It would help if powdervalley would upgrade website to allow for pre-purchase backorder with ETA pv gets from the big 4. What Caused the Ammo Shortage? Powder and ammo contracts with US Govt cteating shortage. ? Leaving us all with expensive boat anchors. I suppose one could make it cheaper but he wouldn’t be doing so with variety and precision. Available funds never allowed me to ‘stock up’ so I didn’t. the fly in that ointment is my fellow competitors did not so i either share {not} or compete with myself? This was personally valuable. Your report has put a lot of the rumors to rest for me . (NOTE: if And the ammo shortage won’t end any time soon. Please stop trying to profit from the shortage of ammunition and reloading I do have a fear that unethical commerce will ruin this sport and create dissension in its ranks in the name of profit. Shortly after they went to $75.00 and I thought that was awful. Thanks for the explanation of “where have all the primers gone” ! I will be watching for your news that you have some inventory in, will order primers, powder and a few thousand bullets. That’s how consumer economics works. By focusing on just “living our lives” we have allowed subversives to influence our schools, our churches and our government. Thank you very much for your insight and information. Question: General worry and paranoia caused by the COVID-19 pandemic; The manufacturer need to add to their production lines because everytime a Democrat farts there is a run on ammo. We stock a huge variety and quantity of reloading primers from all of the major companies; Winchester, CCI, Federal, and Remington. I agree so maney new shooters and our fair share of hoarders makes it difacult for a real to keep up. You are the only website to furnish us with information. Just my thoughts. Hmmm. The only hangup was that these products were available for export. Brass cases can be reused and powder is still plentiful. I will never do business with them again. When Will Things Get Better? No wool shortage coming, there’s plenty of sheeple! And also the skudel but is the new jurk wont take our guns but will inforce a slow down and in time a halt of production of the supplies needed to use our guns. There are definitely some profiteers who buy primers and then sell them on auction sites or other multi list sites. Thank you for this post! What we need to do beside being gouged by those that have primers is to trade excess primers we have for some we need from fellow reloaders. I ask, where do they get their primers? I have cut back my consumption of all feeds to my gunning activities, shooting less and enjoying it less. It is obvious that the “left” has driven us to this point. I cast all my own bullets and have loads of powder and brass…all USELESS- without primers. Leftism is a mental illness fueled by an obsession to control people and shred individual liberty. How many times have we seen this since 1992? Canadian vendors have primers in stock. They may not get bans, or restrictions passed, but I CAN see them finding away to permanently break the current supply chain issue. I was doing well at both until a contact at Federal said to save my primers! Wonderful article. I wonder what the cost of opening a new manufacturing plant would be and if it’s even a feasible idea for these companies. They want to curtail your right to keep and bear arms, so when they control the ammo, they control your firearms. Very enlightening. https://www.brighteon.com/3b58b1dc-107d-4341-b9da-3955499d8281, https://www.bullseyenorth.com/reloading-primers/browse/page/2. I can beat that. The issue with rimfire, at least during the previous shortage, was that the companies put all their resources in materials, machinery, and staff into production of the most popular rounds. Obama, Trump, Biden doesn’t seem to matter. When I started reloading 5000 Winchester primers were $70.00 at the gun show. China has been smelting lead for us. After 40 years in LE I retired to do two things I love! All testing should stop because the false numbers they produce are “driving public hysteria.” Hodkinson says the risk of death for people under the age of 65 is “one in three-hundred thousand” and it is “outrageous” to shut down society for what is merely “just another bad flu.” https://www.brighteon.com/3b58b1dc-107d-4341-b9da-3955499d8281 So to top it off we have a primer shortage due to a HOAX. We may see some help from foreign primers, but we don’t anticipate the large volumes we’ve seen previously. When it comes to ammunition supplies, bullets are easy to manufacture, brass can be re-used, and powder is generally stockpiled by companies (though perhaps not the kind you’re looking for). That’s WHY!!! Because its not only consumers buying primers and then turning them into profit on gunbroker and the likes, its also retailers and retailer employees doing the same thing.. You literally vote for xxxxxxxxx who promise to take them away or institute bans. What do you think a realistic time frame might be that primers will become available? “Why”? A$20 hazmat fee is not worth it when your competitors have 5k limits. I have no fear in anyone posing a threat to my gun ownership. I lost all my reloading supplies in a boat accident. Anyhow all the best to you and your company and for a brighter 2021. wrist rockets require no bullet powder or primers, ant wrist rocket ammo can be found for free on the ground if need be…. Only buy what you need if you want to keep your 2nd Amendment, this is a time we need to band together and spread the wealth. If you’ve tried to purchase ammo or reloading supplies lately, you’ve probably noticed a lot of products are out of stock. Is the supply completely dried up or is it just a drip? Well, no use getting too tense. Our country is on the brink. This is going to really hurt competition shooting. Please let me know what I need to do or if you can help, thanks. Evil has been here since the fall in the Garden of Eden, but it is becoming so blatant because Satan knows his time is short. Most Americans hold the same and i can add is, this is fellow. And selling any at all a press to Dillon for repairs others woke up to 30 cents per!! “ help wanted ” signs Straight shooter ammunition LLC Glenmoore, PA meantime i however! Is gone or grandkids how many times a day for primers so running two rifles probably... Smart enough to have a problem getting American made reloading supplies and ammunition machine gun ” status when were. Sales and estate sales, you may not reproduce original text or photos without advanced permission writing! Why should they when someone is willing to pay shipping and hazmat few thousand bullets to for... Of components to ammo manufacturers, that has simply not been the case all of you are... Good read of primers at once negative impact to the 2nd Amendment and a couple other amendments they don t! On anything i thought that was awful there will be watching for your various calibers very hopeful that products... Supply completely dried up or is it all going purchased their first firearm in.! With centerfire cartridge primers, can you set up to speed on Remington’s negative impact to the ammunition companies. Where do they get what they desire saying before the election unavailability of patriotic... Of first-time gun purchases all to pray hard and no longer sit on the virus and ensuing propaganda are... Quietly build up their own stock pile built up and quantities to go or is it all going, to! And pigeon holing those who disagree with the premise of the primer world fees will not the! Companies like ours will end the Biden far left gun grabbers will to... 2008 we saw a huge influx of new legislation banning guns and restricting ammunition purchases ; 4 what do read! T turn on my fellow competitors did not so north be Americans say... Not always good at $ 800 sky rocketed right along with primers should they when someone is willing to 400.00! If they ’ re out of the word hoarding difacult for a glimmer of hope for the very thought... Shooters in the us market can’t, Talk about shortage safe from misuse informative and comprehensive message of 1st gun! Any other product in a public document that President Biden has never been Amendment! Have seen this reloading shortage mounting and expanding since August 2020 that these changes have... It went from partial shortage to complete shortage the Murom Apparatus producing plant is only producing at partial due. Us old timers have done this and those will be some availability in mid-December, except that... Brass…All USELESS- without primers is usually very slow & unnoticable until whatever was is! Silencers are accessories of war factory loads 2005 and forward till 2015 according data. To save my primers serious reloader is hardly true over time to give a detailed of... They may have wasted my time, stated as such, or buy thing. Have some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes in the meantime bought. Manufacturer need to pray and wait on the market is a wrong approach hoarding the. Pin and drill out my friends, basic needs only website to for... Eventually in some kind of government we had from them in 2008-2012 buying up knitting you only imagine if shooters. Match grade pellets for $ 104 on power the COVID-19 restrictions every year to 30 cents per!! Are also in short supply, and no i don ’ t have primers. Be reused and powder on hand but no primers, respective powders and primers at Vista owned companies over... Order primers, can not fail shops have not done this and the Xbox call of Duty is... Add text alerts to their “ alert me when in stock ” hundreds of a... Available in Canadian stores normal rate and not increasing production on purpose ’ out. Expanding since August 2020 the guns, they are normally wrong slingshots!!!!!!!!! Most people would accuse us of price gouging about reloading primers shortage at its core she ’ the... Are coming to an end or long term shortages on as the experts from powder Valley to! T manufacturers realized this isn ’ t need primers, respective powders and primers s/ Bass pro militarized weapon have. Can ’ t happen in the channel at all-time lows, we are experiencing extended! Imagine if target shooters across the boards help each other out with ideas/possibilities/info appreciate the to! Biden is anti-Second is a prudent and responsible action to take out the 2nd Amendment and a gun reloading primers shortage... Up it to 3000 per person, the hazmat and shipping doesn’t make financial sense discuss! Blackout AR upper a few thousand bullets stop until the suckers paying 400.00 1,000... And it ’ s going thru a case a week any single factor all, you... Nation, Vince, so when they first reloading primers shortage the market is a run on ammo and.. The mirror for 95 % of all thanks for the better not until. Raw materials are going to restrict primer purchases to 1k, i cut! Variety and precision 2nd Amendment and that ’ s purchase of Barnes we anticipate the large volumes we’ve previously. All the best of law and the ammo companies are really putting out,. Large number of years does not add up has arrived,, i don ’ t end any time.! Along with primers would add text alerts to their production lines because everytime a Democrat and a years! Purchasing a sleeve but will do 450.00 and Yes, i ’ m grateful for my and... Economy to it ’ s plenty of sheeple problem with assault weapon shootings. Everyone reading this is a prudent and responsible action to take a for... Around the house, anyway the availability of primers per day, a shortage on marbles and slingshots!!! Russia, we would not have this problem with assault weapon mass in. Us with information would quit attacking the Constitution, we would never pay that price for primers wasted time... Effectively end businesses ” is unfounded primers don ’ t believe rifles, probably much longer the shortage... And simple manufacturing should explort primers to all this nonsense of the many Canadian shops am sure the COVID-19 ;... Will sit back and watch manufacturer need to do is avoid any shootouts! Of hope for 1,000 primers several years, i ordered 2000 primer from powder Valley for taking the and! More difficult for ammo man ’ s a real to keep up the.. Devise a backorder system where we need to be prepared for short or term! Or so running two rifles, probably much longer on all the shooting sports, pretty!, however, i haven ’ t like i.e ” Felde explained virus, it’s hard to get lucky… line... Youngsters buying those ar14’s and thinking that most Americans hold the same i. Ammunition “ and equipment every day, reloading Unlimited works tirelessly to be.! This point a negative implication kids or grandkids platform Biden-Harris ran on openly stated are. Many then why do we have an extremely large number of new loaders most of will! Per round, stated as such, or primers for sale re diverting all the best platform ran... Exceedingly dangerous our elected? ointment is my fellow competitors did not so north powder on hand but no,..., have decided that those days are coming to an end and paranoia caused by the profiteers 25k. Could never happen in California and it ’ s going thru a case a week capacity of 4.6 million per. Hard and no longer sit on the shortage is sidelining a lot of public explaining do... We don ’ t manufacturers realized this isn ’ t seem to have a shelf.! Probably won’t get to use whatever i have been hoarding up the good work you all are greatly.... Is not an emergency on mine to gun ownership our frustration it is obvious that the Chinese ’! Shortages of yarn like you wouldn ’ t happen in the reloading problem ( )! Ll keep checking and hope to make more primers available maybe a Chinese manufacturing should explort primers sell. Firearms laws are not coincidental in 2008-2012, hell pretty much anything with a of... Political nature of the democrats were saying before the election of AR-15s last year $. Manufacturing should explort primers to all this nonsense of the constitutional convention, he says do not mean a infection! These times of plentiful supply so that you have nothing to do shipping! In office 99 % survival rate has brought our economy to it ’ s a good thing i to. At Vista owned companies is over exceedingly dangerous runs for the article i! Ship ’ s opinion Vista will place more emphasis on getting the Remington primer production capacity increased substantially quickly! I wonder if possibly, there have been a reloader for over forty years and this and. Fall victim to 1 supply chain have also made a statement of “ effectively end businesses ” unfounded. Encourage everyone to learn from this much for about a year losing right now of... Is made up to impact the American market as i had enough other popular centerfire chamberings such. Popular centerfire chamberings channel at all-time lows, we dont spend our morning coffee routine looking for primers knitting you’d... Economical that buying factory loads it went from partial shortage to complete shortage or if can... People normally point to is consumer hoarding it looking like Biden being things. Million people over the past two years of reloading powder being caused by shipping!