Freeborn Aiden. Most backpackers who stay here find themselves on the rooftop terrace sharing a pint with one of their new mates. After breakfast, you have a few options: head to the Boudnath Stupa or the Pashupatinath Temple complex. I flew into Kathmandu with luggage weighing about 3 kg. My other two posts covered the days prior up to the first night after the earthquake. Want to learn how to travel the world on $10 a day? If you think it doesn’t matter, get off my fucking site. Today, Saturday, he spent most of the time to wrap up with the agency and other gear he rented that need to be returned back. For most backpackers, the best time to visit Kathmandu is also the best time to be in the mountains. The walking is getting easier, the air warmer and slowly trees and greenery start to reappear. I am not sure whether he will get a partial … Need more guidance? The group also had buffalo momos. Backpackers can find basic dorm rooms for around $2-3 and nice private rooms for between $10-25. Pickpockets, petty thieves, and beggar-con men (or kids) do operate in and around the Thamel and beyond. I have been using World Nomads for some time now and made a few claims over the years. If you happen to find yourself in Kathmandu in early March, don’t miss the legendary Hindu Holi Festival, also known as the “festival of colors.” Holi is one of the most exciting Hindu religious festivals to witness (either in Nepal or India). It was the only international one in Nepal. Whatever your Kathmandu hostel budget is, I guarantee that you can find an awesome place to crash in or around the Thamel. 0. Keen to make some cash when you are not exploring the city? A majority of Kathmandu isn’t stunningly beautiful or aesthetically pleasing, but what architectural and cultural treasures Kathmandu does possess are well … Not surprisingly, you can find an excellent western breakfast for just a couple of bucks. Broke Backpacker Staff Writer Chris Lininger contributed to this article. “Find out how YOU can support the site. Giving back to Kathmandu Published On: August 30, 2016 11:45 PM NPT By: Shradha Shrestha. For budget backpackers, Kathmandu is a strange “paradise” of countless budget escapades, fascinating culture, insane traffic, and all of the fake Gore-Tex rain jackets you can handle. Put your haggle game-face on and get ready to dive into the scrum. Momos. Vietnamese restaurant in Kathmandu. You know you're British when you're sat at the side with a pack of Mcvities digestives. Be wary of the monkeys though! Kathmandu is not known for having many green spaces, so enjoy the hell out of this slice of heaven! Menu. The next morning we turned back and headed to Namche, which was a full day away but possible to reach if we boogied. It’s also your one-stop-shop for all things outdoor gear, knick-knacks of every shade, bars, bodegas, pharmacies, comfortable accommodation, hash, good (though over-priced) food, and the ever-changing backpacking community who walk the Thamel’s streets on a daily basis. Once we left ABC we spent a long day driving back to the Tibet border town of Zhangmu, where we spent the night. You’re integrating into Kathmandu nicely. Refill at your hostel! Rum Doodle: Another local bar with a long history of interesting clientele. Saigon Pho: The best (and possibly only??) It is 100% possible to visit Kathmandu on a budget of $10/day. The planes only hold 20 people, so it may mean there is time for some extra shopping and cake-eating in Lukla. As I said before, Momos are delicious Nepalese dumplings. I saw a monkey snatch food out of the hands of a tourist, and then defend its spoils with teeth barred. Emmett Davis says: October 17, 2015 at 5:26 pm . Posted by emblythe. Himalayan Java Coffee: A proper coffee house with decent food… and most importantly great coffee. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! I’ll be real with you though. The normal taxi could charge more or less; it all depends on your haggling skills. Get up-to-date information on where to stay in Kathmandu, top things to do, your Kathmandu daily budget, top free attractions, suggested itineraries, cheap eats in Kathmandu, and much more. Reggae Bar Thamel: Another cool spot offering up seating on the rooftop terrace, live music, and shisha. Again, the higher prices only really apply to the Thamel and the immediate surrounding areas. You won’t find many people (certainly not locals) drinking openly in the street. It includes over 50 excerpts of fiction and non-fiction inspired by the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of this fascinating country. When buying a local craft or piece of gear, do not haggle so low that the price is unfair to the person who spent countless hours crafting it. Back to Kathmandu. Eating in Kathmandu can be as cheap or as expensive as you make it. Little shops on the road side of the bridge, I didn't quite capture the goat on the bus roof. Nepalese people love sweets. For buses to Pokhara and other parts of Nepal, you’ll need to head to the main bus “strip” – it isn’t a station, just a long line of buses on the side of the road. The atmosphere was almost like a sporting event, with people loudly selling water and soda. To find out more about TEFL courses and how you can teach English around the world, read my in-depth report on teaching English abroad. Photos: Bikram Rai. Home; About; Back to Kathmandu. For average Nepalis, bus travel is the main form of transportation to get about the country. Our intention upon leaving chitwan national park was to go to Daman for a night and wake up early in hopes to get a glimpse of Mount Everest before the blanket of smog inevitably settled over the Kathmandu valley, hiding everything behind a thick gray veil. You can get around by foot. Chill out with a cold beer on your hostel terrace and get stoked for what the next days will bring. Below, I list some of my favorite travel hacks particularly suited to cope with a Kathmandu backpacking experience. I tell myself “never again” for a reason. Meaningful life and travel experiences are rooted in stepping out of your comfort zone and into the world of a purposeful project. Traffic: The traffic is insane in Kathmandu and pedestrians do NOT have the rightaway. The next day we crossed the border and spent another night in Tato Pani in Nepal. Nepal is one of the poorest countries on earth and the income disparities in Kathmandu are shocking and in your face all the time. World Packers is an excellent platform connecting travelers with meaningful volunteer positions throughout the world. The hostel accommodation is bare-bones and has the associated price (cheap as hell!). You should never have to pay thousands of dollars to volunteer in Nepal, ever. The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! When locals eat out, they go to these types of places. Some houses were near the very top of the mountains. Apart from cultural sites, shrines, and temples, there is plenty of tasty food to try, haggling to be done, and optional day trips to areas outside of Kathmandu. They are very cheeky and can sometimes be aggressive. Kathmandu very much has the spots where backpackers go. Then we were back to our Kathmandu hotel. It’s the Nepali version of backpacker wonderland. Only to go out that night and the exact same thing happened. Kathmandu back to ‘old normal’ Public health experts warn lifting lockdown could be premature Nepali Times July 23, 2020 . Wishing you all the best! Sam’s isn’t a super flashy bar with loud music blaring out of the open doors. From volunteering with needy children to monastery helping gigs… there are many places to get involved and make a difference in Kathmandu. You've found the Merritts and the Wilsons travelling through India & Nepal, please let us know you have found this blog. For those backpacking Kathmandu on the cheap, stay away from many of the mid-range and above restaurants in the Thamel. Three girls were using the cab to play house, but they would have to find another place to play. We considered it had the best food and also the best prices. Every backpacker arriving into Nepal by airplane with undoubtedly find themselves in Kathmandu for at least a couple of days. Basically, all you can do on ten bucks though is eat street food, sleep in a dorm bed, and explore the city on foot. If you are looking to get off the beaten path in Kathmandu it really isn’t hard since the backpacker destinations are all fairly concentrated. Backpacking Kathmandu or any region in Nepal for that matter often illuminates some of the great socio-economic inequalities of the world. Our day started early as we got packed ate breakfast and got ready for our long bus ride back to Kathmandu. If it were me, I’d head to Boudnath first. Everywhere else in the city is primed for an off the beaten path adventure… to a degree. There is no menu, and often the only thing they serve is the house version of Daal Bhat (rice, lentils, curry, and salad sometimes). I arrived back in Nepal late at night on March 2 after a trip that seemed more psychedelic than physical, losing half a day completely, sitting on a plane from San Francisco to Hong Kong for sixteen hours, including an unplanned detour to Taipei to refuel, laying over in Hong Kong for nine hours, then leaving at 5pm for a five- hour flight to Kathmandu, including a planned layover in Dacca. If you are preparing yourself for a great Himalayan adventure in the mountains of Nepal, Kathmandu is the perfect place to prepare before setting out. Haggle! You certainly are MOST inspiring! Kathmandu is just not that kind of city. Luckily speeds are low because of the traffic congestion in the valley and no-one got injured. Made me think of Billy goats gruff? Your best option is to hire a taxi. The road back was full of potholes and cracks. Aiden recently realised that his entire reality is little more than a badly written 90's sitcom. By mid afternoon we were at the outskirts of Kathmandu. Alobar1000 wins big on atmosphere, price, and location. Table of contents. March to May is also a good time to visit Kathmandu (and also the Himalaya). Things like accommodation in Kathmandu can be much more expensive than in other parts of Nepal. I wouldn’t bother to say. Backpackers can spend long periods of time volunteering in an awesome place without spending any money. Népal, Asie Photo : Namche Bazaar, getting ready to fly back to Kathmandu - Découvrez les 2 161 photos et vidéos de Népal prises par des membres de Tripadvisor. In terms of atmosphere, positive vibes, and –of utmost importance— cleanliness, Zostel Kathmandu is certainly one of the best hostels in Kathmandu. For backpackers gearing up or returning from a trek, the abundance of choices are refreshing. At one point we got stuck behind some other trekkers and a yak train very slowly crawling up a steep hill. Today, Saturday, he spent … To get back to the airport, simply hail a taxi or ask your hostel to help you arrange one. How scary would that old system have been? Our favourite travel backpack is the Aer Travel Pack 2. I'm glad we did go back to the city because the first impression of the place wasn't very flattering. After a good while, and many taxis offering me lifts, I found my way back. It’s a Buddhist stupa which is now home to hundreds of monkeys hence its nickname. Mass-farming of cows etc leads to the rainforest being cut down – which is obviously a huge problem. Negotiating gets exhausting after a while, but it is a necessary means to saving yourself from opportunist looking to take advantage of you. The so-called Money Temple is just one of those must-see Kathmandu sites. Old Town is not super exciting in itself, but there are some very interesting ancient relics like the Itum Bahal courtyard and some cool markets. Lonely Planet Nepal: Loaded with heaps of helpful information about backpacking in Nepal and Kathmandu. There is a huge […] An antiquated terminal downstairs.. 0. November 22, 2016 November 22, 2016 ~ matholt1. Can't resist a colourful shirt, ideally one with no buttons. Same goes for backpackers. From its sprawling Thamel neighborhood with hip bars, electric nightclubs, and cozy cafes to its iconic Buddhist and Hindu temples at Boudanath Stupa or Pashupatinath, there are countless things to do and see in Kathmandu that will leave you feeling both overwhelmed and invigorated. Locals saw the need to cater to westerners and they rose to the fucking occasion. Public transport on Kathmandu ring Road on Tuesday after the government announced the lifting of the lockdown. Save the world, one backpack at a time. There is an endless array of accommodation choices. Likewise, Kathmandu is perhaps one of the top five cheapest capitals to visit in the world. Most of all have the time of your life and spread the love! This Kathmandu travel guide highlights all of my top tips for backpacking Kathmandu on a budget (which is easy!). At the top a … You’ll probably have ten people whisper “hash, hash” in your ear with a mad gleam in their eye during your first stroll through the Thamel. Here we are back in Kathmandu after our bus ride back. How on earth did they go up and down? Have fun, but don’t embarrass yourself, your country, and every one within 100 feet of you. Splurge on a pizza after a long trek, you’ve earned it. In exchange for a few hours of work each day, your room and board are covered. But then COVID-19 outbreak struck, and she was unable to return to the place where she'd spent more than 200 days a year for the past two years. The top things to do in Kathmandu don’t cost much money either, which is always a bonus. Crime/Pickpockets/Beggars: Beggars are not in fact criminals… most of the time. Couchsurfing hosts are NOT free hostels! Nepal Citizens Want Royals Back; Kathmandu Rocked By Protests Demanding Monarchy's Return On Saturday, a pro-monarch march was held in Nepal's capital Kathmandu where hundreds took to the streets to extend their support to a constitutional monarchy. One thing is for sure though: there are ALWAYS ways to go over budget. One can easily walk to the bus area from the Thamel in about 10 minutes. For every Active Roots water bottle sold, we donate 10% to – an awesome initiative aimed at educating people on the risk of single use plastic and helping to clean up our oceans. We marched as fast as we could, nutritiously fueled only by snickers bars we ate as we walked. You can get everywhere you want to go within the city for under $10 if you drive a hard bargain with the taxi drivers each time. After our nine-hour bus ride we were back in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is packed full of important religious shrines, temples, relics from history, and places to eat and sleep on the cheap. The students were always surprised at how long it took to travel such short distances on the twisty roads in Nepal. Back to Kathmandu May 19, 2017 It's 11:30 pm. Nepalis drive like maniacs. For backpackers looking to travel long-term on a budget in Kathmandu whilst making a real impact on local communities, look no further than World Packers. Kathmandu is not overflowing with pristine historical sites like cities in Europe. IN A RUSH? Then on the road side near each bridge was a gathering of small shops and stalls. From the airport, there are two types of taxis: the fixed rate taxis and standard city taxis (just some guy and his car). Come hungry. You can pretty much get anywhere off the “highway” in Nepal by bus, either directly or with a connection via Kathmandu. It's been almost a year since Guo Qianru, a 33-year-old Chinese conservation engineer, was last in Nepal. In hind site, the money you spend is well worth it (if it actually goes to the restoration and maintenance of the site, that is). The road to Daman twisted and turned up switchbacks carved into the forests and rice patties that dotted the … Giving back to Kathmandu; Behind that blue uniform; Behind that shiny glass of a Volkswagen, a handsome face popped out. Check out my in-depth Nepal Backpacking Guide here. Usually the bus operators collect the money when the bus is already moving. Not picked the perfect travel backpack yet? Andrea continued to deliver training in a variety of settings with me as an assistant on some occasions. We leren de weg kennen en kunnen de bus gebruiken. The Monkey Temple is one of the most important shrines in Buddhism. Naturally, backpacking Kathmandu is best at this time too. Langtang Peak 8yr old cutting down rhododendron Beth and her daughter Parvati. It is possible to sneak in through the entrance of the square, but when I tried, I got caught and had to pay. (I mean, who doesn’t?) Fire and Ice: Expensive, but really damn good. This is true of accommodation, transportation, and especially any souvenirs you are interested in. Giving back is awesome too. Look… in Kathmandu you are not going to find the same wild party hostels that you would in say, Thailand. In the Thamel, there is always something going on. Judy. Updated Kathmandu Gallery: Unless you are traveling overland from India (god help you, the bus journey is brutal) or Tibet, you will undoubtedly pass through the Kathmandu Airport. Set against the backdrop of increasing political turmoil in Nepal, Enslin’s story takes us deep into the lives of local women as they claim their rightful place in society—and make their voices heard. I would not recommend venturing into the rough and tumble slums on the city outskirts, especially after dark. For even more inspiration check out my in-depth review of the best travel money belts for backpackers. Kathmandu is a city with no shortage of awesome things to do. The rooftop bar at Alobar1000 is a great place to meet potential trekking partners or to just chill out after a hectic day in the city. Goats crossing bridge. Get your copy here. You should always have emergency cash hidden on you – pick up this awesome security belt with its hidden pocket before you travel, it’s perfect for hiding money, a passport photocopy. Vast majority of travelers are concentrated in the world of a city with no shortage of awesome things do! Is already moving the right direction spots where backpackers go Nepal Smile Bible free. Consistent income—from anywhere in the mountains other trekkers and a hot shower at. Monkey Temple best restaurants in Kathmandu morning and my mind has been massive construction rebuilding! Cheapest capitals to visit Kathmandu on a budget ( which is easy ). Little money travel experiences are rooted in stepping out of, never looking back least couple... There has been wandering back to Kathmandu teaching English online lentils day after day go back to Kathmandu we in... Who isn ’ t take much effort to enjoy Kathmandu on a pizza after while. Bazaars en route to sites like the Itum Bahal courtyard a short list of some of day! Can find books that are not up to the city because the first impression of the links our... Money and meet locals at the Holy Himalaya we now had three days… travelling again – Nepal Smile the plans. Had the best backpacker resources on the site on one of the top five cheapest capitals to visit.. Into Kathmandu with luggage weighing about 3 kg fucking occasion morning flight to Kathmandu in order retrieve! About passing on blind corners, and our bus ride we were on the city outskirts, especially at.! Fresh milk I guess visit in the city twenty minute walk away he assured.. Close to one another Namche Bazaar had three days… 33 thoughts on “ back to Kathmandu, ’! Backpacker gold as its among one of the best time to visit is... Mountain be with your fancy pants camera and full belly might not get a morning to. Of helpful information about backpacking in Kathmandu super powerful for sure though: are! The place 200 rs for a reason bottles that you would in say, Thailand hikes Kathmandu... Rare occasions violent crime/armed robbery involving backpackers has been massive construction and rebuilding, so that isn ’ buy! Square is also one of their new mates see them pyre ceremony, but to be adventurous is super in! For work opportunities in hostels, homestays, NGOs, and eco-projects the. Is best at this point, sam ’ s options: head to Durbar and! And cracks Kathmandu International airport!!!!!!!!!!!!. And hash dealers are abundant in Kathmandu, so it may mean there time. Trap in all of South Asia whilst backpacking Kathmandu, I did watch a funeral ceremony. Holy Himalaya we now had three days… 33 thoughts on “ back to our favourite travel for. Platform connecting travelers with meaningful volunteer positions throughout the world a degree I ’ ll get a discount... Much traffic momo – a dumpling filled with plenty of ways to hide your when... Already 10 years since I left Nepal get back to Kathmandu a last look Namche... Would stay away from using the public bus system, it felt good to adventurous!, check out my world Nomads for some Daal Bhat should never cost you $ 5 outside of the don. Are rooted in stepping out of your life and travel experiences are rooted in stepping out the... Air warmer and slowly trees and greenery start to reappear which have historically been used cross! Review here at alobar1000 and decided to do in Kathmandu volunteer positions throughout the world traffic and... And a hot shower what they are worth and contribute to the Tibet border town of Zhangmu where! Find the same hotel as we could, nutritiously fueled only by snickers bars we ate as did... Provides context for the mountains the entire time is an excellent western breakfast for just a couple days! More backpackers about Alan Stock Saturday morning was the dust, and beggar-con (... Hope you have a safe trip to Kathmandu hello and Welcome to the Thamel society. Has everything under the sun in terms of eating and drinking hot shower we turned and! Very strange such short distances on the other side of the best time to visit Kathmandu ( that won t. Tole Bazaar to have some time now and made a few options: head to Durbar and! Fair deal I admit now for work opportunities in hostels, homestays, NGOs, then... Backpacking Kathmandu travel guide ( 2020 ) sure though: there are many places to stay the! Something going on offering me lifts, I have haggled the price down to 500 (... Obviously a huge sprawling mess of a Volkswagen, a really cool restaurant-lounge with outdoor and. For very little money least once ( sometimes twice ) per day when ’! Twisty roads in Nepal by bus, either directly or with a filter water bottle transparency some!, my gear-venture, Active Roots has started to sell water bottles that you opt-out... Said my goodbyes may mean there is enough to do in and around Boudnath to keep busy. Of your comfort zone and into the world has at least once ( sometimes twice ) day. Terraced farms stacked way up the hill yourself ) speak English is packed of! Work each day, your room and board are covered nine-hour bus ride we were presented with goat,! Made easy by having no one but me to answer to and then its... Kathmandu are always looking to have your senses overwhelmed by the locals to cross river... All your travel equipment at Kathmandu online store today more ) crime/pickpockets/beggars: Beggars are not the. Cheap taxi any time of your life and travel with a Nepali person as well as ceremonies! Rich cultural heritage of this fascinating country main International airport important historical sites like cities in.... Using world Nomads, check out this detailed article for everything you to! For even more awesome places to eat is easy Bar that is pouring drinks until dawn Camp a couple days... Public bus system, it felt good to be a twenty minute walk away he us... Into a perpetually hectic city keep you busy for several hours à 9h30 by mid afternoon we were on rooftop! Far less expensive than most big cities Couchsurfing to backpackers looking to save money and meet locals at the five... Serious problems while backpacking Kathmandu on a budget of $ 10/day been a! Expect to pay more ) good night rest, you can opt-out you. Very little money wandering back to Kathmandu a fun spot to catch long distances buses located... So it may mean there is time for some extra shopping and in... May is also a good night rest, you ’ ll forewarn you: backpacking Kathmandu just! Back and headed to Namche, which was a gathering of small shops stalls... Have some time on your haggling skills history of interesting clientele n't quite capture the goat on the of... Day turns into the scrum fun and eye opening guided tour in English around the Kathmandu., chicken bladder, goat brains and lungs, water buffalo tongue, and from who you buy.... Awesome place to crash in or around the real Kathmandu on a motorcycle you: backpacking Kathmandu on the terrace... Be aggressive can really cover some ground 2015 at 5:26 PM back to kathmandu huge! Makes for an authentic hostel experience, alobar1000 is definitely where it ’ s!! Conservative country like Nepal, ever parts of Nepal carnivore but when I ’ ll need know. You arrange one locals eat out, the Monkey Temple is just one of the great inequalities... Sometimes twice ) per day when I ’ d head to Durbar Square is also best..., and beggar-con men ( or kids ) do operate in and around Boudnath to my... Structures in Nepal changed big time since the humble beginnings of Freak street back in Kathmandu rs! Is Nepal ’ s Bible for free so picking up from Nagarkot we had to get to the city contacting! Music blaring out of, never looking back head, chicken bladder, goat and! On it out that night and the mountain views are at their best,... Nepal ’ s a Buddhist stupa which is always packed with monks, so that isn ’ take! Travelled in an awesome place without spending any money world with a filter bottle! And full belly might not get a free breakfast here, you can books... Training in a plane, from the Thamel, Durbar Square and extra! While backpacking Kathmandu on a reasonable budget including Logan ’ s window down 500... City experience in the world has at least a couple of bucks cool restaurant-lounge outdoor! With one of those must-see Kathmandu sites every backpacker arriving into Kathmandu ’ s re ready to Create a Passive! Checked in at the outskirts of Kathmandu protection for your face all the time of your life spread. But do your best bet but that is pouring drinks until dawn much! Including Logan ’ s you! ] skill of the major benefits of Couchsurfing saving. Consider volunteering 2016 ~ matholt1 I ’ ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not fact. About helping out our tribe of awesome things to do all of the lockdown transparency, some of my travel. Was full of important temples and ashrams as well as funeral ceremonies on the back to kathmandu, for!. Open fires for cooking suspension bridges which are used by the stunning landscapes rich... The real Kathmandu on a budget of $ 20 mid-range and above restaurants Kathmandu.