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Plumbing 101

When in doubt, use caulking. Lots of it. Everywhere. (Except on the kids as they tend to bloat and then explode out some newly-formed hole.)

(I’ll spare you the details of my urinal and bathroom plumbing adventures. You do not want to know.)

Now how to gracefully segue from urinal caulking to eating?

I give up.

So, for the first time since moving out of Illinois, I saw corn on cob on sale for 10 cents each. Wow. Guess what we had for dinner?

And a wee bit of garden porn for you in a beautiful basket we got from the plant swap this spring. (I use it every day and wish I’d had it years ago!)

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?


Dwayne who?

Dwayne the bathtub! I’m dwowning, I’m dwowning!

Okay, so maybe trying to work on ten projects at the same time isn’t so great for getting anything finished. At least it’ll feel like a really productive day when I get them all finished, right? Right??

I could drown in the weeds alone. Weeds in front of me.

Weeds behind me.

That’s the lower garden which, this year, contains corn, pumpkins, and cantelope. And weeds. We’re gaining on it, slowly, thanks to my free slave labor.

Steve and Cody are making progress on the new fence to expand the goat & chicken yard.

Bullseye, the new buck? Buh-bye! He was mean — so mean the kids couldn’t go in to do their chores. So we took him back and he’s going to auction. We’ll be getting another buck to take his place but, for now, meet Bam Bam, a Boer wether.

We’ve told Josie that he’s her goat to take care of. (He’s a sweetie!!)

And lookie! Tomato porn!

Drumroll, please….

Finally! I went with Artfire in the end. Got my buns in gear and set up shop, finally listing my first thing today. Yay! Much, much more tweaking to do as I learn the ropes but it’s a start, right?

So go check it out already!

I’m giving myself a week or so to settle into the shop there and then I’ll tiptoe towards opening the SpeedKin.com website. Baby steps, baby steps…

While you’re here, check out my so-close-to-being-done-it-hurts chicken house flower raised bed!

The poles and gate still need prettied up and painted and the gate is awaiting its latch but the bed is now safe from giant dog butt. Yay!

It houses various bulbs, a lilac, my recently acquired spiderwort, dwarf sunflowers, cleome, coleus, begonias, Solomon’s seal, and an odd assortment of “Man, I have way too many assorted flower seed packets and I really should plant them so how about I have the kids help me scatter them about and then won’t be able to differentiate them from weeds as they sprout” things. Ahem.

A bulby thingymajig of the most beautiful sort.

Steeping stones are in place so I can keep perennials safe from my giant, clumsy feet throughout the year.

Banner making

Alrighty, I need your input. Isaac and I have been working on a banner for my new site/shop and have it mostly how I want it. (For those who may not know, I’m starting up a sewing biz and opening an Etsy shop as one sales outlet.)

You can see the banner here for now. You can also see it on my Not Yet Ready for Primetime Etsy shop.

I like the color. I like the simplicity. I like the general light, spring-ish, outdoorsy feel of it. I’m not going for a boutiquy vibe as that’s just not my thing. I’m not really sold on the onion bloom but wanted something there besides text. I don’t want to limit myself with a photo of specific product(s), just something eye-catching, something to give the flavor, ya know? I’ll likely be making a wide variety of sewn (and even a few wooden) things but not so much on the clothing front. The onion popped out as an idea since I’ll be doing a lot of summery and garden-themed things initially. ‘Tis the season! ;-)

Any ideas in keeping with the simple, homespun vibe? Something to replace the onion? Keep it? Other parts of the layout you don’t like? Once I’m 100% happy with the banner, I’ll carry that flavor over to finish the SpeedKin.com website, badges, etc, etc.


What a day. The dozer did its thing. The wind did its thing. We had ourselves a miniature Oklahoma Dust Bowl. But a good chunk of the grading is finally done (that guy is GOOD!) and we’ll get it seeded & the slopes rocked ASAP to prevent any major erosion. Been there, done that.

On the west side of the house, a flat spot for parking the trailers and extra vehicles, plus additional garden space on the uppermost terrace. (The terracing isn’t terribly noticeable in the pics but, boy, is it there.)

On the east side of the house, a flat spot for a fishing and a pond house, another spot for the new goat house, and yet another for… Whatever happens.

And we just won’t mention the other 382 snakes we cheesed off.

The day so far…

Steve’s worked out a barter with a friend who owns an excavation company. Guess who showed up this morning? Mr. Bull Dozer.

While clearing a few trees for the dozer to get through, Cody stepped on a snake and danced a little jig. It was a friendly fella but we’re a little paranoid after the recent copperhead encounter.

Random flowers on the hillside. (I like the think the snake was stopping to smell them on his way to make Cody pee his pants.)

Okay, enough of breaktime. Back to the grind!

'Tis the season (kind of)

Stupid winter, you need to go away. Far, far away. I don’t like you anymore. I have things to do. Things that require more warmth than you’re willing to give. Stupid winter.

So, Nellie and I bundled up and finally got the onions in the ground.

There were maybe 150-200 of the little suckers. Some of them were really tiny and dried out. Dixondale said they’d hold well for three weeks but they must have forgotten to inform the onions. I have an email into the company so we’ll see what happens.

We tucked them all in with a nice, warm blanket of leaves from the woods.

The lettuce I planted in the greenhouse last week is popping up nicely.

I started several more herbs.

And Steve finally built my germination station. Yay! My heat mats that I usually use for germinating went missing and, since we keep the house fairly cool (and the greenhouse is uninsulated and unheated), I asked him to build me something… heaty. He built a thick wooden box from scraps, attached a light fixture, screwed in a heat lamp, toppped with a chimney topper (to protect the bulb from drips), and covered the top of the box with wire mesh. Voila! My very own germination station!

She's thiiis close!

Maybe if she holds her tongue just so…

Lookie! Lookie! Steve got a weight tree / weight rack built yesterday. Having the weights organized is so incredibly cool! (It’s holding two Olympic sets + over two standard sets — with room for more.)

My gravity-defying area

The freshly-painted floor is dry. Horse mats are down. Various torture devices are in place. It’s getting closer to completion…

The weight lifting area. Horse mats are tough and can handle the iron. Bare concrete + slinging iron = deafness & chipped floors. The squat rack Steve built me is on the left and the orgasmatron (pull-ups/hanging leg raises/bench press/etc station) he built me is on the right.

Looking towards the other corner, we have the cardio cave with NordicTrac, treadmill, elliptical, and… bike-row-whatever-it’s-called contraption. Between the cardio cave and the lifting area is the (finally installed!!) punching bag.

This is all in the wellhouse, now that Steve’s moved his work tools out onto the new (covered) concrete pad adjoining the wellhouse. The rest of the walls will be finished eventually but it’s nice even as is. The cistern, pumps, pressure tank, and well are still in there, taking up a 10′ x 12′-ish area but that still leaves plenty of room for the workout area. It’s so much nicer than when we had it crammed in the house!

Next up, weight trees for all of the plates — hopefully tomorrow!

Unrelated note before I forget: I recently did a quick little how-to on making easy pants. I found a great one at Dana’s!! She walks you through both shirts and pants. I’ve been subbed to her blog for a long time but apparently missed her pattern tutorial all of this time. Doh! So go! Learn! (I love her blog!)

Dueling toilet paper rolls & free fiber

Modern Roots is having another giveaway, this time for $200 in fiber. So all of you knitters & crocheters, felters & spinners get your buns over there and win some goodies!

After all of that fiber, you’re bound to go through quite a bit of TP. Oh, wait. It’s not that kind of fiber. Still…

Anita had just posted about her TP roll pots as I had already started getting mine ready. Great minds think alike and all that…

I also use paper towel rolls cut shorter.

We don’t use many, though, so it’s mostly TP rolls.

I got my plastic seed-starting cells & trays that I re-use from year to year out and disinfected. Tomorrow, I’ll start mixing & moistening my seed starting mix and filling a few pots. I’m determined to finally get some seeds going this weekend!

We got the new raised bed topped off today. Rain is due to move in on Sunday so I’ll let that beat down the layers before I plant in it. My bulbing onions will go in there next week.

More progress in the wellhouse today: Steve tried out a new grinding wheel on the concrete (It works great, Mo! He said he’ll do yours this coming week.) He painted the entire floor with some leftover paint once he cleared out the dust. I love how it turned out.

Last but not least, Josie pumping iron because the world needs more Josie pics!.

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