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Child, 1, swallowed by leaf pile in lawn tragedy

Oh, what a pitiful face, huh?


What is this?

This is growing on the east side of the house and I’m not sure what it is.  The flowers are blurry but you can see the leaves of the large bush behind it.  I had thought maybe lilac due to the look and smell of the flowers but it has a couple of different kinds of leaves and since when do lilacs bloom in the fall?  Maybe they do and I’ve just never caught it since it’s not a large flush of blooms, just a few.

Creatures lurk here

Giant praying mantis, lived in the recently departed shrubs.  Wonder where he went?

Susan and Bob brought us a uber-comfy living room set (along with a LOT of other stuff + free slave labor!) but a very powerful sleep monkey dwells in them.  Do not dare sit on them without a couple of hours to spare.

And a giant kissy face lives near the lagoon!  Very disturbing!


Of mice and men… Or moles and shrubs.

These little “trails” are all over the back yard that was graded shortly before we bought the place.  Moles?  Gophers?  Giant worm-like monsters, ala “Tremors”?

The house had several shrubs along both sides of the front sidewalk.  They were an overgrown mishmash of greenery, along with some viney mounds growing around the porch posts.  There were wasp nests in them.  They were growing up into the siding and windows.  And I dislike shrubs.  Buh-bye.  They went to a nice lady on Freecycle.

The following two pics are after a HUGE trimming down.

Looks a lot cleaner now, doesn’t it?

More blank slate!

I’ve already planted a few walking onions and sunchoke starts in part of the front bed, just to be able to keep an eye on them as we get a feel for where we want things permanently.  I’m open to other ideas for these areas.  I’m not so much into purely ornamental.  I’m a practical gal and like to have things to have some sort of edible or even medicinal thing going.  I was thinking of various mints along the far bed, closest to the house.  That would help keep them somewhat contained.  And the front bed could be garlic and walking onions (permanently) or maybe even strawberries?

On the left of the porch is a rose of some sort.  On the right side of the house is another rose and…  A lilac?  I LOVE lilacs but need to give it a closer look before I decide for sure what it is and if I want to keep it.  The roses I’ll likely keep as long as they’re not the fussy type.  I don’t do fussy.  Maybe a berry patch will end up there instead.

We took a couple of leftover rooted sprigs of a variegated shrub or two and planted them up by a decorative corner post that already has bulbs of some sort planted in front of it.  Maybe they’ll survive, maybe not.

The New Digs

FINALLY!  After having them in our lives entirely too friggin’ long, the trailers were empty and sent on their way.

The new house, as pictured in early 2008.

The back of the house shortly after buying it.  Some grading had just been done to improve drainage but we’ve since seeded it with grass.  With any luck, it should look like a normal lawn by next year.  (That hunk of metal there is the cover to the basement stairs.  We’ll be doctoring that up… soon.)

The creek.  The main part of the property that includes the house is about three acres, bordered by a little creek.  Beyond the creek is an additional two-ish acres that is slotted to be “SteveLand”, to hold his future shop and giant piles of metal and other manly things.  (See how that works out nicely?  I get to have a nice place around the house and Steve gets a separate area that’s screened by the tree-lined creek.  Yay!)

My future garden area behind the house.  It was leased out to a farmer, along with SteveLand, but we’ve reclaimed it for our own use from here on out.

I love the blank slate-ishness of this place!  We’re making plans left and right but going to try and take it slowly, not rush into too many changes at once.

Why I don’t post much these days.

They freak me out.

Welcome home!

We arrived early this morning and the slave labor has already begun!

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