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The New Digs

FINALLY!  After having them in our lives entirely too friggin’ long, the trailers were empty and sent on their way.

The new house, as pictured in early 2008.

The back of the house shortly after buying it.  Some grading had just been done to improve drainage but we’ve since seeded it with grass.  With any luck, it should look like a normal lawn by next year.  (That hunk of metal there is the cover to the basement stairs.  We’ll be doctoring that up… soon.)

The creek.  The main part of the property that includes the house is about three acres, bordered by a little creek.  Beyond the creek is an additional two-ish acres that is slotted to be “SteveLand”, to hold his future shop and giant piles of metal and other manly things.  (See how that works out nicely?  I get to have a nice place around the house and Steve gets a separate area that’s screened by the tree-lined creek.  Yay!)

My future garden area behind the house.  It was leased out to a farmer, along with SteveLand, but we’ve reclaimed it for our own use from here on out.

I love the blank slate-ishness of this place!  We’re making plans left and right but going to try and take it slowly, not rush into too many changes at once.

Welcome home!

We arrived early this morning and the slave labor has already begun!

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