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Speedkin | Seed & Plant: Inventory & Trading

Seed & Plant: Inventory & Trading

January 22, 2014:  I’m updating this page again.  I’ve simplified and reduced my stash yet more over the past year

I might not have enough of various varieties to share so just ask.  I may or may not be out of occasional things so just give me a holler and I’ll check if you see something you want.  

Please note that italicized varieties are not available for trade at the moment.  I’m listing them here so you can make a note that I have them and hope that I grow them out for seed to share the following years.

Also, please note I don’t keep great quantities of seed for individual varieties of tomatoes and peppers.  I almost always have enough to share, as long as you’re okay with as few as 5-10 seeds each, just enough to trial and save seed for yourself.

What I have to offer:


  • Garlic, Marie’s Special
  • Garlic, mix
  • Garlic, Old Homestead
  • Garlic, Stewarts
  • Onions, walking


  • Bean, bush, Cherokee Wax
  • Bean, bush, Contender
  • Bean, bush, Dragon Tongue
  • Bean, bush, Mellow Yellow
  • Bean, bush, Top Crop
  • Bean, pole, Blauhilde (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Bean, pole, Ideal Market (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Bean, pole, Mennonite Purple Stripe (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Bean, pole, Turkey Craw (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Bean, pole, Yard-long, Gita
  • Bean, pole, Yard-long, Red Noodle


  • Broccoli, Belstar Hybrid
  • Broccoli, Coronado Crown Hybrid
  • Broccoli, Packman Hybrid
  • Cabbage, Chinese, Tokyo Bekana
  • Cabbage, Early Jersey Wakefield
  • Cabbage, Golden Acre
  • Cabbage, Jung’s All-Season Cabbage Mix
  • Cabbage, Red Express


  • Cucumbers, Armenian
  • Cucumbers, Diva
  • Cucumbers, Muncher
  • Cucumbers, National Pickling


  • Black Beauty (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Purple Blush (hybrid) (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Rosa Bianca (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Snowy (hybrid)  (not enough to share, sorry)


  • Greens, Chard, Swiss Chard mix
  • Greens, Good King Henry
  • Greens, Kale, Wild Garden mix
  • Greens, Lettuce, Black-seeded Simpson
  • Greens, Lettuce, Paris Island Cos
  • Greens, Lettuce, Rocky Top Salad Blend
  • Greens, miscellaneous, Strawberry Spinach (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Greens, Spinach, Olympia
  • Greens, Spinach, Reflect Hybrid
  • Greens, Spinach, Space Hybrid
  • Greens, Spinach, Tyee Hybrid


  • Herb, Arnica, American
  • Herb, Basil, Genovese
  • Herb, Black Sesame (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Herb, Brown Mustard Seed
  • Herb, Calendula, Orange Star (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Herb, Calendula, Resina
  • Herb, Chamomile, Bodegold
  • Herb, Chamomile, German
  • Herb, Chamomile, Zloty Lan
  • Herb, Chives
  • Herb, Chives, Garlic
  • Herb, Cilantro
  • Herb, Dill, Bouquet and Mammoth mix
  • Herb, Dill, GoldKrone Tetraploid (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Herb, Jewelweed (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Oregano, Greek
  • Herb, Parsley, Double Parsley
  • Herb, Parsley, Giant of Italy 
  • Herb, Sage, Extrakta


  • Melon, Diane’s landrace-in-progress cantaloupe mix
  • Melon, Muskmelon, Kangold
  • Melon, Muskmelon, Oka
  • Melon, Muskmelon, Old West Virginia Heirloom
  • Melon, Oriental, Sakata’s Sweet
  • Melon, Watermelon, Blacktail Mountain
  • Melon, Watermelon, Sand Mountain Sunshine


  • Celeriac, Monstorpolgi
  • Celery, Tango
  • Corn, dent, Mesquakie Indian
  • Ground Cherry, Aunt Molly’s
  • Ground Cherry, Pineapple
  • Luffa Sponge
  • Maypop (not sure of their viability)
  • Okra, Star of David
  • Radish, podding, Rat’s Tail (not enough to share, sorry)
  • Tomatillos
  • Wonderberry (not enough to share, sorry)


  • Peas, Sugar Snap

Peppers, hot

  • Pepper, hot, Anaheim, mix
  • Pepper, hot, Big Jim, mix of Heritage, Legacy, and plain
  • Pepper, hot, Chimayo
  • Pepper, hot, Conquistador (NuMex)
  • Pepper, hot, Guajillo
  • Pepper, hot, Habanero
  • Pepper, hot, Hungarian Yellow Wax
  • Pepper, hot, Jalapeno, mix
  • Pepper, hot, Jalmundo (NuMex)
  • Pepper, hot, Lumbre
  • Pepper, hot, Poblano
  • Pepper, hot, Sandia
  • Pepper, hot, Sunrise, Eclipse, Sunset
  • Pepper, hot, Ukranian

Peppers, sweet

  • Pepper, sweet, Chinese Giant
  • Pepper, sweet, Colossal HYBRID
  • Pepper, sweet, Giant Aconcagua
  • Pepper, sweet, Golden Bell
  • Pepper, sweet, Gypsy Bell
  • Pepper, sweet, Jimmy Nardello
  • Pepper, sweet, Marconi, Giant
  • Pepper, sweet, Marconi, Golden
  • Pepper, sweet, Marconi, Red
  • Pepper, sweet, Mystery Bell
  • Pepper, sweet, Sweet Banana
  • Pepper, sweet, Sweet Chocolate
  • Pepper, sweet, Tolli’s Sweet Italian


  • Beet, fodder, Mangels, Mammoth Long Red
  • Beet, fodder, Sugar Beet, Bucklunch
  • Carrot, mixed
  • Potato, TPS, Bountiful
  • Potato, TPS, Ella’s
  • Radish, mixed


  • Squash, Summer, Burpee’s Fordhook Zucchini
  • Squash, Summer, Burpee’s Golden Zucchini
  • Squash, Summer, Cocozelle
  • Squash, Summer, Early Golden Crookneck
  • Squash, Summer, Early Prolific Straightneck
  • Squash, Summer, Unknown (I bought these at Keller’s and didn’t write the variety on the envelope.  Doh!  It is some sort of common variety (or varieties).)
  • Squash, Winter, Campeche
  • Squash, Winter, Gray
  • Squash, Winter, Greek Sweet Red
  • Squash, Winter, Jonathon
  • Squahs, Winter, Lofthouse’s Landrace Moschata
  • Squash, Winter, Mrs. Amerson’s
  • Squash, Winter, Seminole
  • Squash, Winter, Spaghetti
  • Squash, Winter, Tahitian Melon
  • Squash, Winter, Tennessee Sweet Potato
  • Squash, Winter, Thick Margin Silver Seed
  • Squash, Winter, Tromboncino Rampicante
  • Squash, Winter, Upper Ground Sweet Potato


  • Tomato, Annie
  • Tomato, Arkansas Traveler
  • Tomato, Athens
  • Tomato, Aunt Ruby’s German Green
  • Tomato, Aunt Gertie’s Gold
  • Tomato, Azoychka
  • Tomato, Banana Legs
  • Tomato, Beefmaster
  • Tomato, Beefsteak
  • Tomato, Black Bear
  • Tomato, Black Brandywine
  • Tomato, Black Cherry
  • Tomato, Black from Tula
  • Tomato, Black Krim
  • Tomato, Black Sea Man
  • Tomato, Black Yum Yum
  • Tomato, Boxcar Willie
  • Tomato, Bradley
  • Tomato, Burning Spear
  • Tomato, Candy Isis
  • Tomato, Captain Lucky
  • Tomato, Carmen
  • Tomato, Cherokee Purple
  • Tomato, Chocolate Cherry
  • Tomato, Costoluto Genovese
  • Tomato, Cuostralee
  • Tomato, Dana’s Dusky Rose
  • Tomato, Diane’s Landrace-in-progress
  • Tomato, Dix Doughts de Naples, aka Ten Fingers of Naples
  • Tomato, Djena Lee’s Golden Girl
  • Tomato, Dora
  • Tomato, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow
  • Tomato, Earl’s Faux
  • Tomato, Egg Yolk cherry
  • Tomato, Ernesto
  • Tomato, Eva Purple Ball
  • Tomato, Franchi Giant Pear
  • Tomato, Galina’s Yellow
  • Tomato, Gary’O Sena
  • Tomato, German
  • Tomato, German Johnson
  • Tomato, German Lunchbox
  • Tomato, German Red Strawberry
  • Tomato, Gift from the Woodlands
  • Tomato, Goji Faranji
  • Tomato, Golden Cherokee
  • Tomato, Granny Cantrell
  • Tomato, Great White
  • Tomato, Heart’s Delite Black
  • Tomato, Heidi
  • Tomato, Hillbilly
  • Tomato, Hoy
  • Tomato, Indian Stripe
  • Tomato, JD’s Special C-Tex
  • Tomato, Japanese Trifele Black
  • Tomato, Juane Flammee
  • Tomato, KBX
  • Tomato, Kang Bing
  • Tomato, Kardinal Tshyornyi
  • Tomato, Kellogg’s Breakfast
  • Tomato, Korney’s Cross
  • Tomato, Livingston’s Golden Queen
  • Tomato, Livingston’s Paragon
  • Tomato, Ludmilla’s Red Plum
  • Tomato, Malcolm Lincoln
  • Tomato, Marglobe
  • Tomato, Marianna’s Peace
  • Tomato, Martino’s Roma
  • Tomato, Mortgage Lifter, Estler’s strain
  • Tomato, Mr. Bruno
  • Tomato, Nepal
  • Tomato, New Yorker
  • Tomato, NOT German
  • Tomato, OSU Blue, aka P20
  • Tomato, Peacevine Cherry
  • Tomato, Perfect Storm
  • Tomato, Pink Brandymaster
  • Tomato, Pink Floyd Mix
  • Tomato, Porter
  • Tomato, Pruden’s Purple
  • Tomato, Prue
  • Tomato, Pusa Ruby
  • Tomato, Rose
  • Tomato, Rutger’s Select
  • Tomato, San Marzano Redorta
  • Tomato, Sandul Moldovan
  • Tomato, SC2121
  • Tomato, Sheyenne
  • Tomato, Speckled Roman paste
  • Tomato, Spudakee Purple
  • Tomato, Sungold
  • Tomato, Taxi
  • Tomato, Tess’ Land Race currant
  • Tomato, Vorlon
  • Tomato, Wes
  • Tomato, White Princess
  • Tomato, Wisconsin 55
  • Tomato, Woodle Orange

**I also have a buttload of flowers and other ornamentals but, not being into foo foo much, I’m not going to bother inventorying them.

What I’m looking for:

I’m easy.  Try me with whatever you have, even if not listed here.  I often don’t know what I want until it’s offered.  :-)  I’m especially looking for perennial edibles this year as I build up some permaculture.

Berries of all sorts I don’t already have — try me
Perennial veggies — just about any that will do well here in Zone 5
Potato Onion
Peppers, Hot:  Large, meaty NuMex & Jalapeno types
Peppers, Sweet: Just about anything, as long as it’s big, productive, and doesn’t taste like crap.

Fruit:  I’m currently searching out seeds from old trees.  I don’t want seed from modern trees that have been grafted.  I need trees that do well on their own rootstock.

Permaculture:  Got something that works well in a permaculture setting?  Let me know!

Potatoes:  True Potato Seed (TPS) — need ones that produce berries reliably.  And tubers & Mmni-tubers — try me


  • Any of the larger-than-cherry offspring of P20
  • Fish Lake Oxheart
  • Neves Azorean Red
  • Paquebot Roma
  • Rinaldo
  • Uncle Steve’s Italian