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August 21, 2005

Mr. Can’t-be-trusted-with-moving-vehicles got a backhoe for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. He’s been out digging the trench for the electricity lines that’s due to be put in tomorrow (and he’s still out there working asI type this, past midnight). The electric company will be out tomorrow to lay the lines. We’re having them run underground so a 4-foot trench is needed from the pole at the road to the meter box thingy. A 2-foot trench is needed from the meter box thingy to the house.

August 21, 2005

August 19, 2005

I went camera crazy today.

Nasty bug that’s been irritating me this year. I’ve just learned it’s a leaf-footed something or other. I forgot already. Alzheimer’s, here I come!

Banana chile plant:

Grapes getting close:

Passion flower:

Bunny at my all-you-can-eat tomato buffet:

Serrano chile plant:

Four piglets:

Mama, older sister, and some piglets:

And a bunch of assorted flowers:

August 19, 2005

I finally got up the hill to take a pic of the completed (for now) framework. Now we can get started on the blocks!

Monday, the electricity company will be out to run lines up to the site. That means no more generators needed during the construcion.

General Update

I have broken the blog down into two categories: “Family Things” and “House Construction”. Folks coming to see the construction progress no longer have to wade through all of the kid and garden photos. The main page you see when you arrive will still have a mish-mosh of both, whatever the last 5 posts have been. If you would rather just see one category or the other, the links to them are on the right side of your screen, below the archives.

In splitting everything up, I had to go back through all of the posts. Holy cow, there have been a lot of changes! What started as a simple, 30′ x 40′ floor plan has now evolved into a, well, I’ll get to that in a second. It’s taking forever to build this thing but, I guess, it’s a good thing. It’s allowed us to rethink things (over and over and over…) before we actually do them.

I think the last floor plan I posted here was a 30′ x 50′ and that was right after I found out I was pregnant with #5 last year. I had to redo that to try and squeeze in another bed or bedroom. That kept changing until Steve decided we could up the width of the house to 60-65 feet. So I came up with this plan a week or two ago.

Guess what he told me today? “Why don’t you go ahead and make it 75′ by 40′.” Okay… So now I’m going to redo the floor plan yet again. It’ll probably take me a week or so of fiddling with it to settle on something. I’ll post it then. It’ll be a McMansion at almost 3500 square freaking feet (including the additional tornado safe room). I want maid service.

(Editing to add: I see that the floor plan didn’t post large enough to see clearly. I’ll have to try and figure that out before I post the next version. Oh, Emily….)

August 14, 2005

I’m going to make a separate post about some major changes that are happening. In the meantime…

This weekend was supposed to be one of great accomplishment. It didn’t happen.

Steve’s new truck now needs repair/replacing. The welder he brought home had a generator that doesn’t work. All kinds of things going wrong but he still got some things done.

Here’s one of the door frames being erected.

And a closer shot.

He also finished getting the other legs in place but I’ll have to get pics of that tomorrow.

You can see where the tractor work he did a month or so ago has paid off. No more mudslides, even through a bit of heavy rain.

Here’s the site for the shop that was cleared a few months ago. I finally took some pics of it today.

From the shop site, overlooking the house site.

August 14, 2005

The mid-August garden, only chiles, tomatoes, and watermelon left in the main garden.

Duke, “Ain’t I cute?”

“Now take me fishing!”

August 11, 2005

It’s a sickness, isn’t it? The way parents can’t stop taking photos of their kids…

I need to figure out the red eye thing on the new camera.

Will try to take some new pics and update the construction this weekend. Also, will probably be splitting the construction parts off into a separate category so folks coming to see that don’t have to wade through all of the personal stuff.

July 28, 2005

Steve is a butt. A big, giant, smelly butt. There. I said it.

He fell asleep and crunched his truck on the way home from work tonight.

On to better news!

Here are our new chicks, all laying hens:

Duke and Charlie making some interesting faces…

Guess I should tell those of you that don’t already know: I got a new digital camera! Woo hoo! David, incredible brother-o-mine, bought it for me. So, I’ve been playing!

Spock, the wonder goat:

Night shot of a Brazilan Rainbow chile plant:

Close up of a beautiful Fish chile pepper:

Indoor shot of today’s chile harvest:

Life is good! Well, except for certain people who fall asleep while driving and crash their trucks off of bridges. Ahem…

Happy Birthday, Duke! (part 2)

We had Duke’s birthday party today at Wister Lake. Swimming, playing, eating, and running around like idiots were the highlights.


For gifts today, Duke got a BB gun and a dinosaur toy. Being in a park, he couldn’t play with the gun, of course, until we got home. He loved the dinosaur and tried to eat me several times! I forgot to take pics of the dinosaur at the party and again forgot once we were home. Doh!

He grabbed the BB gun as soon as we got home and I did get pics of that and the Bubba trike.

Boom! Okay, so it was more of a pop. He was still thrilled.

(No, no pics of me. The camera would break and your eyes would burn if I were in any pics.)

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