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January 21, 2006

Chives, poking through the brown of winter.

Ah, a nice patch of green grass!

And, for Cindy, the Bubba Grill. It takes two men to move the lid and two men to move the bottom section. Steve’s building an even bigger one now that he says won’t be able to be moved at all. I have dubbed the second, yet-to-be-finished one the B.A. Grill (pronouced “buh-GRILL”). I’ll let you figure out what the A stands since the kids read the blog sometimes but the B stands for Big. ;-)

January 15, 2006

Steve got some lights wired in tonight. Yay!

Here’s a new copy of the floor plan, just slightly tweaked from the last one, and a few more minor decisions. I’ve added in a kitchen island and a urinal in each bathroom. The kitchen countertops will be DIY concrete except for the island which will be el cheapo laminate. Lighting throughout will be recessed (due to the fact that we got supplies for free). Concrete floors will be stained with iron sulfate and coffee, then sealed. The smaller bathroom went from a double sink to a single (due to the fact that we got a free one that’s a single, plus to make room for the urinal). I’m also going to have Steve make me some hanging dealiebobbers over the kitchen counters and island for pots, pans, utensils, etc. No upper cabinets, just open hanging thingies.

January 14, 2006

Some pics of some of the newly planted fruit trees just to the east of the house. There are 3 dwarf apple trees (Reinette Gris Parmentier, Reine des Reinettes, and Reinette du Mans) and 3 standard pear trees (Docteur Desportes, Jeanne d’Arc, and Bergamotte d’Ete).

January 14, 2006

Wiring has started…kind of. Steve will be finishing the walls next, then I’ll do the floor finishing. Windows and door sometime.

Another shot of the roof:

The stove that we finally picked up from the store:

A 4′ door that will be going in the temp wall and, later on, in Steve’s shop:

And the windows, except one which seems to be MIA:

January 8, 2006

The roof was supposed to be done yesterday (Saturday, the 7th). Three people were supposed to show up to help but only one did. Not much got done. Today, a couple of fellas showed up and kicked some roof-butt! Spit King (Tim, who spits everywhere) and Spit Prince (don’t know his name but he’s fast on the track of dethroning Spit King–he let loose with a 4-foot long stream of spit right in front of me, nearly landing on my head, thank you very much)… Where was I before I got sidetracked on the Wonderful World of Spit??

Oh, yeah. The Spit Duo showed up and kicked roof-butt. The wind was a-blowing and I thought for sure that the two of them, along with Steve, were going to be launched into orbit. Thirty-something mph gusts + giant, honking strips of insulation and metal = a fun time had by all (at least those of us just observing from the sidelines). Wind + Spit = A Very Cranky Diane. It just streams right on out into very long, disgusting nastiness. And then there was the time when Spit King blew his nose off of the back of the bedroom roof. Oh, yeah. Back on topic.

The roof is done! The way the light was playing off of the metal at the angle of the pic made for some crappy pics. I’ll have to get some better ones next time I’m up there. In the meantime, here’s some pics, in no particular order.


January 8, 2006

Steve got yet another truck. He traded in his white one for a 4WD, extended cab black one with big, redneck tires. I have dubbed it Bubba Truck.

Nellie, not long before taking a nice bite off of a stick she was playing with. That was followed by a chaser of dirt.

December 31, 2005

Happy New Year, everyone!

No, we’re not in the new house yet. Shut up.

Got folks coming to help put the roof on Saturday, January 7. Steve can’t do it by himself with pieces that large so he had to wait for folks to get done with their holiday wingdings to line up help. We’re pretty much on hold until then.

Okay, here’s where I ask for advice from the peanut gallery. Flooring. We obviously have a concrete slab. There are a few minor boo boos because of having too big an area to finish with too few people plus the fact that Steve was out doing the finishing touches on it by himself in the dark. No problem, we’ll just get some patch and fix the little spots. We’re going to go with painting it for a variety of reasons.

The questions, should anyone happen to know the answers:

1) I’ve found conflicting info on whether or not new slabs need to be acid etched/acid washed before continuing on to the painting process. Opinions?

2) If acid etching/acid washing is necessary, will that ruin the very fresh patches over the oops spots? The slab itself is now over a year old but the patches will be done in the next couple of weeks.

3) I’ve also found conflicting info on whether or not a sealer is needed on the new concrete before the primer/painting begins. Opinions?

4) If it has an “undersealer”, does it still then need to be primed before painting?

5) Is there any kind of aggregate or texture I can add to any of the steps to obtain a gentle nonskid surface? We have 5 kids and spills so happen, as do slippery sock running–both of which lead to falls. So I’d like something to make it less slippery but not so harsh as to peel the skin off of whatever body parts hit the ground first.

If anyone knows this stuff, please let me know because my eyeballs are bleeding from all of the research and reading. Oh, and if there are any rainwater catchment/filtration know-it-alls out there, give me a holler. There’s just not enough caffeine in the world…

(Dr. Thunder (WalMart’s generic Dr. Pepper) has a perfumey taste, just in case you wanted to know. *gag*)

Other bits and pieces:

1. We’ve decided (I think) to make DIY concrete countertops.

2. I have no clue what color and what, if any, design kinds of things to do with the painted floors. My inner Martha is not speaking to me. Any bright ideas for a dull mind?

3. We’ve decided on the color “Rustic” for the roof metal. (Steve decided he didn’t want to patch together scrounged metal for the roof so we’re buying it new.) I’m too lazy to upload a pic directly here so you can see it at this link. It’s the first one, upper left corner. Looks nicer in person.

4. I’m hungry. Somebody buy me a pizza. Cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, and extra sauce. With plenty of garlic butter on the side.

December 26, 2005

No progress, so no new pics.

Steve finally took a day off yesterday for Christmas but wasn’t able to get outside. Everyone has been hit hard by the flu this weekend so nothing was accomplished. Just letting you know so you know not to expect more pics until next weekend. *cough*Anita*cough* ;-)

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

December 21, 2005

Ordered this the other day. There will be one in each bathroom. You guys are all jealous, aren’t you? Admit it!

December 18, 2005

I’m a few days late putting up these pics but they’re from the 18th. Nellie’s fussing so I’m just going to throw them all up.

And more Duke photography.

David and Grandma Kaye, Isaac wanted you to see that he can turn his feet opposite directions.

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