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Do not wake her.

Mrs. Claus still has much work to do while the elves sleep. Mrs. Claus is subsisting solely on Coke and prunes at this point. Mrs. Claus is not what you’d call “mentally stable” on such a sleep deficit. Mrs. Claus could snap at any moment.

Do. Not. Wake. Her.

Mother scores!

Steve struck a deal with the Chinese restaurant in town. He supplies a clean trash can and they put all of their food scraps in it. Every day or two, Steve drops off a clean can and brings a filled one home to feed the hogs.

Yay for free food!

Speaking of scoring, we’ve found a boyfriend for Mother. He’s a handsome Duroc boar. Mother is practicing playing hard to get.

We went out to see him a few nights ago, living the good life with another woman. Now that she’s knocked up, she’s giving him the boot so we’ll pick him up in a few days.

On the way out to see him, the transmission blew in the van. The old van, not the new-to-us one. Man, are we ever thrilled to have it! Steve has it up and running, tagged and insured, so we’re good to go.

I think Mother fell asleep playing hard to get. Or maybe she heard us talking and is making some sort of piggy love nest?

Deadlines & 'Chokes

An elf works steadily, in hopes of making the deadline.

As promised in the comments, a swiped pic of Ilene’s sunchokes. Gorgeous!

'Tis the season

for firewood!

I’m not sure we could ever go back to anything other than wood heat. It’s just so much warmer. I know that sounds weird but it just feels like a warmer warm. And then there’s that fact that it’s free, other than the cost of the chainsaw maintenance & fuel. (Steve was just given another chainsaw this week and all it needed was a little TLC and a couple of parts. Yay for back ups!)

The labor force will work for cookies and hot cocoa and we get free entertainment out of them. Ya just can’t beat that.

Calling all gardeners, cooks, and crafty people!

For those who didn’t already catch my spam on Facebook: (and, come to think about it, my FB contacts will get plugged twice now since my blog posts are automatically zapped to FB. You poor, abused FB friends of mine…)

David (brother extraordinaire) and Miranda (his talented new bride) have just launched a new website and you all are hereby ordered to go check it out, sign up, and start mingling. You all know how mean & scary I can get when I don’t get my way so you’d better hustle!

Modern Roots, your domestic arts community.

I’ll be hanging out there, babbling on about & posting progress pics of whatever project has my attention for the moment. It’s sort of Facebook-ish but for cooking, gardening, sewing, knitting, needlework, etc, etc. They’re working on adding more & more features but it’s fun even in its current beginning stages. They’d like folks to sign up, try it out, and give ‘em feedback on it all, including features you’d like to see implemented.

In return for your assistance, I’ll give you free admission to one knock-down, drag-out cat fight!



The excitement just never stops around here, I tell ya! And don’t say I never gave ya anything.


The lovely Ilene recently sent me a huge bag of sunchoke tubers to start my own patch. Most ‘chokes will turn mushy when cooked but Ilene has a variety that stays crunchy even when cooked, so can be used in place of water chestnuts.

I peeled and sliced one sacrificial tuber, similar in size to the ones above, for raw tasting. Holy cow, it was scrumptious! I do believe I’ve found one of my new favorite raw veggies. I’ve had raw ‘chokes a few times but this one was really good! I’ll have to wait for next year’s crop to taste them cooked.

I’ve planted them all in the wellhouse garden, in the section on the right. Eventually, I’ll get a few patches going out around the yard and fences but, for now, I wanted them to be in a protected spot where they won’t get killed off by animals and construction projects. (Garlic is planted in the section on the left and scattered a bit with the ‘chokes as well.)

Honey, I Sharpied the kids.

‘Twas the first day of Christmas cookie delivery and I found myself moved, by the holiday spirit, to decorate.

Happy Birthday, Steve!

We took him out to all-you-can-eat steak

and put a good amount of elbow grease into a freebie grill mate/station for his gift.

He was surrounded by good lookin’ women (and fellas).

What more could a guy want?


I did it! I may do a gallon of gingerbread tomorrow as well but, if I don’t get to, I have plenty from today’s baking. We have sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, chocolate with peanut butter chips, peanut butter with chocolate chips, and oatmeal-coconut-raisin cookies.

Okay, so we don’t have any oatmeal-coconut-raisin ones left because someone ate them all. Several someones. Really, we were just doing everyone a favor. They were good. Too good. They would have made the other cookies taste blah in comparison. You can thank us for saving you.

All wrapped up in brown paper and cotton yarn, it’s all so Little House on the Prairie, don’t you think?

Psst. Tomorrow is Steve’s birthday so we’re planning on being temporarily irresponsible. Don’t tell!

But I don't wanna!

I’m supposed to be doing this:

But, instead, I’ve been playing with this:

I’m supposed to make roughly 1000 cookies for our annual tradition of gifting to local friends & neighbors. (It’s usually candy but we’re broke so they get the more cheaply-made cookies this year.) I’ve only made 300-400 so far and I just cannot seem to make myself do the rest. Bah humbug. I want to play with my sewing toys instead — and have been.

If I don’t post pics of giant piles of cookies by next weekend, someone poke me until I do. The kids love going around and handing out loot each year so they’d be mighty disappointed if I slacked this year.

(I wrote this last night but must have hit “draft” rather than “publish”. Doh! ‘Scuse the slightly stale post.)