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Hi, I'm Larry.

This is my brother Darryl. And this is my other brother Darryl.

Three more oinkers joined our ‘stead today. I still don’t like pork. Why can we not have a lasagna farm??

(For those not familiar with Larry and his brothers, here ya go, about 2:30 in.)

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Or two.

Mother's Day 2010

‘Twas another good year. I got a HUGE bundle of amazing wildflowers — and several of them new-to-me (with roots on them so I could plant them. Very nice! And, a new raised flower bed around the chicken house. It’s not yet done because of storms but I’ll post pics when Mother Nature decides to cooperate.

The rain is a nice bonus. I got the lower garden tilled & planted just a couple of days ago with dent corn, pumpkin, watermelon, and cantalope. While the storms may have postponed completion of my new bed, it certainly is welcome in watering in the seeds.

We’ve also just finished seeding & plugging all of the newly graded areas so the rain is doubly appreciated.

A new flower has popped up in the middle of nowhere. Not being very good with flowers, I’m forever having to ask for help in identification. So… Anyone have any idea?

Bonus Josie pic — love that hair! (Pretend you don’t see her lunch on her shirt. Or the scab on her nose. Or forehead.)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the crazy broads I know! :-D

2010 Run for the Berries

We left the house at 5:00 a.m. this morning to run the 5k at Stilwell’s Strawberry Festival.


Lots of sleepy short (and not so short) people.

Way too much sun.

Cool trees.

Three incredibly handsome runners! Isaac and Duke ran together (Thank you, Isaac, for helping Duke!) and Charlie and I ran together.

Isaac ran barefoot and got lots of comments. Steve said he saw one other barefoot runner as well so that was cool. I ran in my FiveFingers (also drawing quite a few comments and questions — I should get a commission for FiveFingers sales!) and Charlie & Duke wore regular shoes.

Lots of folks braved the chilly spring morning. It was a great & friendly bunch of runners — that always makes for a fun run.


One man who works for the race service (Gene’s Road Race Service) is a horrid, hateful man! Holy crap, Steve and I both wanted to knock his block off. At the finish line, a lady crossed and then her little girl ran up to give her a hug. Evil Race Man literally JERKED the little girl away because her mom hadn’t gotten to the fella who gathers the numbers for the race stats. Another lady was running with her little boy in a stroller and Evil Race Man took her stroller and child away from her and didn’t give them back until after the finish line and the number taker. Then he walked away scowling and shaking his head as if she were trying to ruin his entire life. I cannot even tell you how angry I am. I have their company number and we’ll be calling to do a lot of complaining this week. Argh.

After that drama, Steve bickered with the pony ride guy and got cheap rides for Charlie, Duke, and Nellie. Who knew you could talk down pony rides??

Then we headed for home. There was a parade after the race but they don’t allow candy to be thrown, the party poopers. There were other activities later in the day as well but nothing that floated our boat and/or didn’t cost an arm and a leg. So home we went to get some things accomplished.

Now I need to find our next race…

Banner making

Alrighty, I need your input. Isaac and I have been working on a banner for my new site/shop and have it mostly how I want it. (For those who may not know, I’m starting up a sewing biz and opening an Etsy shop as one sales outlet.)

You can see the banner here for now. You can also see it on my Not Yet Ready for Primetime Etsy shop.

I like the color. I like the simplicity. I like the general light, spring-ish, outdoorsy feel of it. I’m not going for a boutiquy vibe as that’s just not my thing. I’m not really sold on the onion bloom but wanted something there besides text. I don’t want to limit myself with a photo of specific product(s), just something eye-catching, something to give the flavor, ya know? I’ll likely be making a wide variety of sewn (and even a few wooden) things but not so much on the clothing front. The onion popped out as an idea since I’ll be doing a lot of summery and garden-themed things initially. ‘Tis the season! ;-)

Any ideas in keeping with the simple, homespun vibe? Something to replace the onion? Keep it? Other parts of the layout you don’t like? Once I’m 100% happy with the banner, I’ll carry that flavor over to finish the SpeedKin.com website, badges, etc, etc.

A little bit of everything

Introducing Florine

She made herself right at home.

And just to add to the recent snake-athon, a black snake at a friend’s house earlier this week.


Daddy time!

Auction day

Steve was ordered onto light duty for the weekend so we figured we’d go see what was happening at the Wister auctions. There are two of them, right next to each other, one at 10 and one at noon — convenient. We weren’t there to buy anything but it’s good to see what things are going for once in a while. The second auction was my favorite. It was hot, stinky, and loud — everything an auction should be.

I’m terribly wary of buying at auction because you don’t always know where the animals came from, what kind of health they’re in, what parentage they have, etc. A lot of the animals at the second auction looked to be in pretty good shape but the first had some fairly pitiful stuff when we were there. We’ve been fortunate enough to get most of our animals from “real” people rather than auction. Which brings me to: We’re getting another sow, it seems. A friend is moving soon and needs to get rid of his animals so we’ll be taking his Duroc sow and a couple of Hampshire weaners. The sow is gorgeous, a retired show hog if I heard right. Hogzilla, our boar, is also a good looking Duroc so they should make beautiful babies.

(I still hate pork.)

The new chicks are all still thriving and we’ve not lost a one! Another few weeks and we’ll be moving them outside. Of course, now that we have 45 new chicks in addition to our 15 big hens, one of the hens decided to go broody.

We’ll see how many hatch out and live. She’s been there for about a week, I think so it’s probably time to start candling. Steve was going to make her a brooder box but the light duty orders postponed that until next week.

(Such disjointedness here lately — both the blog and my brain.)

Horrible photos of a plant that has suddenly appeared along the roadside ditch on the way home.

Anyone know what they are? They look like lilacs but lack that lilac-y clusterish thing going on and don’t have the smell. And in a ditch in the middle of nowhere, just out of the blue? I’d have certainly noticed these if they’d been there in previous years.

Bits & pieces

Just wow. Don King, anyone?

We try to civilize her but she eats dirt and once again looks to be a feral child.

Wait! I got one of her with a clean(ish) face and her hair somewhat under control. At the same time.

Serious lessons were learned today. One simply must know how to skip rocks. It’s an official part of our curriculum.

She takes after Grandma. (Im not saying which one.)