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Freezer Camp

The excess roosters got sent to freezer camp this past weekend.  Have fun, boys!

As for the other animals around here…

they seem to be making themselves right at home.

NaNoWriMo & The Stinky Portion of the Tour

Have you all heard of NaNoWriMo?  It’s National Novel Writing Month!  Isaac has entered this  year and has, so far, written three bajillion, eight hundred and fourty katrillion, seven hundred ninety-two words.  Or something like that.  He barricades himself in the stinky boys’ end of the house, staying awake and slaving at the keyboard for days at a time, fueling himself with black coffee, Slim Jims, and cheap whiskey.

Or I might be exaggerating.  But only a little bit.

Isaac, the anal retentive neatnik, shares a room with Charlie, the slovenly, yet sensitive, slob.

Charlie’s side.  (Not that you’d have any trouble figuring out which side belongs to whom…)

Isaac’s side, on the other side of the shared bunkbed (and Charlie’s dresser piled high with crap).

A peek into the room Steve and Cody share.

Both bedrooms, along with a second bathroom, are on one end of the house, away from most of the noise & hubbub.  That, along with earplugs, allows Steve to get his beauty sleep after getting home in the wee hours from his second shift.

The tour continues: The master bedroom

Looking in the door, from the living room, facing north, showing the double that Josie and I sleep on:

The Nellie cubbyhole and a peek into the master bath:

Duke’s area:

After having lived in a one-room house with an eight-member family for seven years, we’re trying to make sure everyone gets a little personal space.  And, yes, Steve sleeps in a separate room, to be shown later in the tour, because of his second-shift hours.  He can sleep in without screaming kids bouncing on his head too early in the morning.  (Then there’s the bonus that I don’t have to miss out on sleeping because he snores.  Loudly.  Constantly.  Horribly.  Seriously, I have not slept in years…)

Late night snack

We’re surrounded by corn and bean fields that have just been harvested.  That plus the onset of cold weather means…  Invasion of the mice!

I’ll spare you all the final photo.  You can guess the ending.

Halloween 2010

(Wow, the past week flew by and, once again, the blog was neglected.  Lots of things got accomplished around here, though!)

It seems we’ve hit the jackpot in places to live for Halloween!  We went into town and had a blast walking around trick or treating.  It’s not insanely packed with drivers like it was in OK when we tried the occasional house-to-house thing.  It’s a lot more fun that just walking around the tiny park like we did most years for trick or treating in the nearest town back there.  This year?  It was FUN!  Lots of people just walking around, just a few drivers — and all were very well mannered, not at all dangerous like we were used to. And the candy?  Holy cow, it was all GOOD stuff!  You know what I mean.  There’s candy and then there’s CANDY.

Costumes this year were a mix.  Josie was a store-bought skunk we were given in a load of clothes last year.  Nellie was a vampiress, from a store-bought costume that I altered to fit and added a headband (and bonus ear warmer because it was cold!).  Duke was a vampire with a cape that’s been in our stash for years. Charlie was once again a calvary officer but, this year, a vampire calvary officer.  I had to alter his costume so his ever-growing butt could actually fit into it.  Isaac was a character from a book series, The Edge Chronicles.  I took an old, ratty sweatshirt that was Steve’s, dismantled it and cut it down to Isaac size, and added yellow stripes to the arms.  It was supposed to have tails as well but I wussed and told him to pretend.  I know, I know, I’m an evil mom.  But look at that chest shield, would ya?  Such artwork!  Pizza box + scissors + Sharpie + paint = chest shield with pressure gauge.  Thank you, I know I have a future in the arts, right?

And the ears?  Uh-huh.  My artsy genius at work once again.

What Halloween would be complete without a ghost?  See it to the left of Nellie?  Oh, shut up.  Don’t tell me it’s a dust speck.  Play along, for Pete’s sake.  Sheesh.  Now act scared.  Sleep with the light on tonight.

Follow the red perlin road, Dorothy.

Remember the freshly-graded back yard?  We seeded it but it’s still muck for now.  The front porch and yard is now the dog pen because, let’s face it, no grass will grow if we let the dogs live back there before it’s established.  That means we usually opt for the back door to go in and out of the house, to avoid being slobbered by stinky dogs.  The basement access is also in the back of the house.

Mud.  Muck.  Slop.  Slime.

Solution (for now)?

The Sewing Room, a.k.a. The Crap Room

I’ve had some requests for a tour of the interior of the new house so I figured I’d take you through, room by room, as I get things situated.

In the northeast corner of the house is a large, carpeted room, that is supposed to be the family room, I think.  It’s just off the kitchen and dining room and the doorway to the little laundry room and back door are on the other side.  We’ve put a few shelves in there to store extra kitchen supplies (Ever try to squeeze food & dishes for a family of eight into a small, modern kitchen?  There is no way.), as well as the deep freezers.  Other than a large chunk of empty floor I have reserved for stretching, foam rolling, and Josie tickle attacks, I’ve claimed the rest as my sewing area.

When we were unloading the trailers, this was referred to as “The Crap Room”.  It didn’t have an immediate purpose for us at the time and everything that didn’t have an immediate home upon unloading was piled in here.  Several boxes and totes remained until just today when I decided to get it done once and for all.

See that silver table?  $5 at a recent garage sale!  That sucker is huge and sturdy — perfect sewing table!  Below, behold the finished room (other than totes of fabric still in the basement since they don’t yet have a good home up here).  Ignore the tote of dirty laundry on the small freezer!  Totes under the tables are some sewing supplies.  Mostly.  Shhh…

So there you have it:  The Sewing Room.

Glenda’s bread!

I’ve been using my take on the Amish white bread recipe floating around the internet for the past few years.  Then I saw Glenda post a French bread recipe on her blog, followed by Ilene giving it a try on her blog.  Of course, I had to try it and, man, is it good!  Since I made that first batch, I’ve not made any of the Amish white.  I’ve made regular loaves, dinner rolls, hamburger and hot dog buns, hoagie buns, all sorts of thing!  It’s the perfect, all-around white bread with enough strength for soup-dipping and sandwich duty yet still soft enough for the kids to approve.

Your Pants Are Ringing But Nobody’s Home

Perfect country song, no?  I was singing it to myself this morning as I walked around the house calling Steve.  His phone was in his pants in the bedroom but he wasn’t in his pants (or the bedroom).  Don’t ask.


Isaac and I went for a run up the gravel road last week.  About five minutes into it, we spotted a cemetery we didn’t know existed.  It’s a beautiful, old one.  But wait…

Howe!  That was the town of our Oklahoma address.  Kind of freaky in a roundabout way (although, not nearly as freaky as your pants ringing and no one to answer them).  I think I’ll make time to explore the cemetery a bit before it gets cold.  1833 — should make for some cool headstones and maybe history to dig up.

More on that unknown bush

The leaves below all belong to the same bush.  There are a few different shapes.