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It’s baaaaaack…

All gussied up and ready to do manly things!  It’s earlier than we expected so that was a nice surprise.  Still a couple of minor things to be fixed but they’ll take care of it next week.  (To refresh your memory, it was wrecked the first week of December.)

Steve put it to work right away, hauling some scrap lumber home.  A house a mile or two up the road burned down right after we moved here.  Lightning struck a gas line in the yard  and the house went kerboom!  They’ve been working on tearing it down and rebuilding ever since, filling two large dumpsters with scraps.  Steve stopped by and asked  permission to dig through and, yep, they said to go ahead.  He’s out there building a nest box for the hens with it right now.

More of the Tour: The Dining Room

The corner of windows there faces east and south — bright!!  It’s wonderfully cheery but it can be blinding and too warm without curtains as it has been since we moved in.  I finally got some sewn yesterday.

We will pump you up! (The tour continues…)

The basement is as yet unfinished but it’s heated, dry, and clean… um… -ish.  To the right of the door is the future family room area where we’ll rot our brains out on television.

Along the back wall is the punching bag and assorted cardio machines.

Moving further back, the squat rack awaits my massive glutes & quads.

Hidden behind the radiant floor heat tubes, dehumidifier, and HVAC, you’ll find the weight rack.

And the Orgasmatron:  A bench press/hanging leg raise/pull up (with optional assistance) contraption.

And this is where you should avert your eyes.  The Other Side.  Piles of Crap.  Enter at Own Risk.

Homemade snowcones

The kids wanted a snowcone machine for Christmas but instead they got a baggie full of KoolAid packets wrapped up.  Oh, how disappointing…  Until they tasted the magic!

Boil 1 1/2 cups water and 1 1/2 cups sugar together, about a minute or so at a full boil.  Remove from heat and add in two packets of KoolAid.  Pour into a pint Mason jar and refrigerate until cool.  Once completely cooled, scoop up a big ol’ pan of fresh snow (or just chop a few ice cubes in the food processor) and bring inside.  Cram pack coffee mugs (or other short cups) with snow, then drizzle on the homemade snow cone syrup.  Yum!!  (One of these days, I’ll part with a couple of dollars to buy some cheap squeezy bottles usually used for catsup and the sort.)

It stole the show!

Grandpa Steve gave the kids a mini-bike for Christmas!

Of course, it was far too wussy for Josie.  Grandpa had to get her a more powerful version so everyone else could eat her dust.

Matchy Matchy!

I made Josie & Nellie four sets of matching skirts for Christmas.  Being girly girls, they’re a big hit.  Score one for homemade gifts!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

“Ooh, we picked out a really GOOD place to live!”

Direct quote from one of the kids today, as he bit into some cookies yet another neighbor dropped off.

Of course, I didn’t take the picture until after we’d eaten half of the goodies.  (I can blame the blurry photograph on the sugar rush I was experiencing.)  And no photographic evidence of the previous neighbor contributions to our caloric excess.  Yum.  Yum.  *slurp*  Yum!  We did manage to keep our grubby paws off of one of the neighbor gifts — it’s wrapped and we’re waiting until Christmas to open it.  Very, very difficult since we’re all about as mature as toddlers.  Oh, and one wonderful book, written by a neighbor!  I’ll have to tell you about that later.

There’s still more last-minute sewing to do!

Dreaming of a White Christmas…

It’s supposed to snow Thursday and Friday so we might have a white Christmas!  Of course, we’ve already had snow but it’s mostly melted by now.  We got several inches in one snow plus a few more snows of just dustings up to an inch.  Pretty exciting stuff!

We’ve begun our yearly tradition of making and delivering goodies to neighbors.  And guess what?  Some of them do it, too, so we’re getting a few goodies!  (More on that another day.)  Have I mentioned how much I love this place?!

We’re only about half done with our deliveries.  Someone keeps eating it all as fast as I pull it out of the oven…  I hope to finish Christmas Eve — very late for us!

A quickie update on the new fresh-air chicken coop:  It’s working great!  Temps have been to 0* F, plus wind chill, and the birds are all doing very well.

Back to my last-minute sewing.  Much Christmas frenzy a’happening!

‘Tis the season

For secrets and strange goings-on.  And crafting & sewing but not being able to show them here…. yet.

But maybe a peek?  The tiniest little hint?

Chips? We don’t need no steenkin’ chips!

We eat our salsa with a spoon.  Some of us with a straw.  Our babies are born with hair on their chests (and lead-lined intestines).

(Pretend you don’t see her bruised & dirty legs & feet.)