This is an amazing hike, as you can see a lot of what makes Alaska beautiful. Not your everyday adventure, the Private Mendenhall Glacier Trek is among the most exclusive and in-depth excursions in Juneau Alaska. The trail also has some nice spots for reflective lake photos. The Juneau Icefield's most visible ambassador, 13-mile long Mendenhall Glacier ends at Mendenhall Lake and is easily viewed from the Forest Service's historic visitor center. Mendenhall Campground is situated on the shore of Mendenhall Lake, in view of massive Mendenhall Glacier, about 13 miles from do... Overview This is Alaska in all it's beauty. West Glacier is lovely but I too get tired of the helicopter noise. 30 minutes: Pick-up and cruise docks and transportation to West Glacier Trailhead. Spend your time in Juneau on an Alaskan wilderness hiking adventure as you are introduced to glacier trekking on Mendenhall Glacier! I took a trail just to see the glacier. Il Juneau Icefield Research Program ha monitorato i ghiacciai del campo di ghiaccio Juneau dal 1942, tra cui il ghiacciaio Mendenhall. Skater's Cabin Shelter is located on the shore of the southwest corner of Mendenhall Lake, near the Mendenhall Glacier. Si estende dal campo di ghiaccio Juneau, che ne è la fonte, verso il lago Mendenhall e infine verso il fiume Mendenhall. This was by no means an easy hike – if you’re not a skilled hiker with some climbing experience, you can get hurt. Includes time for exploring. The United States Forest Service operates the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center as part of the Tongass National Forest, offering interpretive programs throughout the year for children and adults. This rugged, high-adventure outing on the west side of the lake leads 3.5 miles (one way) to a rocky outcrop with a stunning overlook of the Mendenhall Glacier. Hike the Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves before it’s too late! We started off our day at the West Glacier Trailhead. Duration: Summer, 5-8 hours. The flanks of the Mendenhall glacier were a glistening black, and beside a creek seeping from its underbelly we found something I’d never seen before: a … On this Mendenhall Glacier shore excursion, put on your hiking boots, fill your lungs with fresh air, and experience a day of world-class hiking. Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center: Mendenhall Glacier hike - See 7,001 traveller reviews, 4,410 candid photos, and great deals for Juneau, AK, at Tripadvisor. If you plan to walk or hike during your visit, dress appropriately and wear hiking boots or other shoes with soles designed for wet and slippery surfaces. Mendenhall Glacier is one of the many large glaciers that flow from the 1500 square mile expanse of rock, snow and ice known as the Juneau Icefield. This glacier is Alaska in all its beauty. Auk Village Campground is located 15 miles from downtown Juneau, Alaska, and 1.5 miles from the Alaska State Ferry terminal at A... Kayaking in the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area is an exciting and breath-taking experience. Mendenhall Glacier Trek. Go PRO to support our mission and get benefits like gear deals, no ads, and more! Hundreds of thousands of visitors gaze upon its beauty each year, but very few people actually see it from its most beautiful angle: the inside. McGinnis or explore a route to the edge of the Mendenhall Glacier itself. East Glacier might be your best bet if you really want to avoid the noise and are here on a busy day. I currently live in the Valley and whenever it's a sunny day you can expect many to be here. Juneau Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier Tour. Nome. There are multiple ways in which to organize this fun activity: bring your own kayak, rent a kayak from town, or sign up for an on-shore excursion at ... At a shop in Juneau, I saw a photo of from the top of a mountain that blew me away. Il "Servizio Forestale degli Stati Uniti" gestisce il Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center come parte della "Tongass National Forest". Mendenhall is one of eight Alaska glaciers which can be accessed for glacier walks. The glacier slowly scours the bedrock and grinds down its 13-mile journey to Mendenhall … There are numerous trails to choose from once you get to the top, or just enjoy the ride. Mendenhall Glacier Hike on Juneau Day Trip Trek Trace the path of glacial succession and the natural history of the Mendenhall Glacier as you trek across it on this Juneau day trip. There is lichen on the trees, which means the air is very clean there. Choosing Above and Beyond Alaska as our glacier guides Trek To Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves. Once arriving on the rocky shore next to the glacier, follow your guides on a short hike on glacier moraine to the glacier ice. Il ghiacciaio Mendenhall è un ghiacciaio situato nella valle Mendenhall, a circa 19 km dal centro di Juneau, capitale dell'Alaska, nella zona sud-orientale dello stato statunitense. No visit to Juneau is complete without a close-up look at the Mendenhall Glacier. Questa pagina è stata modificata per l'ultima volta il 29 feb 2020 alle 09:21. The caves under the Mendenhall are getting smaller and smaller with increased heat, so make visits like these a priority (and then get out there and spread word on how to protect places like these!). Please explore responsibly! This is a really nice hike around the enchanting Mendenhall. The Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget falls are a great way to start your visit to Juneau. You can continue the hike up into Nugget Basin, which feels much more remote and quiet, though big sweeping views are a bit far between. Upon reaching the beach near the glacier’s edge, trade in the paddles for backpacks and trekking poles. Similar to the standard Mendenhall Glacier Trek but with a guide leading your own private party, this involved and exciting outing allows you to explore a stunning world of crystal blue ice up-close and personal. This hike gets very, very crowded, but the views of the glacier are worth it. Nobody leaves Juneau without seeing the Mendenhall Glacier—the only question is from what angle. 3. Then explore the glacier on foot where you could see ice caves, dramatic crevasses, and fascinating glacial formations. Mendenhall Glacier is a massive and mighty river of ice that extends 13 miles. We're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the modern outdoors. After departing the pier, you will be driven for approximately 30 minutes to the Mendenhall Valley and the trailhead. The Mendenhall Glacier trails are open daily from 6:00 a. m. to midnight, even when the Visitor Center is closed. I began searching and soon found that it was taken atop Mount McGinnis, one of Juneau's Big Five Summits. Includes time for exploring. The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center is open from 8:00am to 7:30pm from May through October. Sep 2016 - Siu Ling L. Excellent guides! Visiting Mendenhall Glacier. Multiple trails varying in length and degrees of difficulty. Spectacular whales and the Mendenhall Glacier; All in a half-day Juneau excursion on a boat holding a maximum of only 40 guests. A quick drive from downtown Juneau to the ‘trailhead’ parking lot finds you overlooking the nearly half a mile wide face of the glacier. Strap on your crampons and be one the few to walk on the Mendenhall Glacier. © 2020 The Outbound Collective - Terms of Use - Privacy Policy. Ambitious hikers prepared for self-sufficient backcountry travel and route-finding through difficult terrain can also climb the slopes of 4,228-foot Mt. Some fly by in a floatplane or land on it in a helicopter; others hike in or take a tour bus. You can also visit the nature center to learn mor... 3 mile out and back hike/cross country ski/snowshoe across the frozen Mendenhall Lake, culminating at extensive ice caves for some mild spelunking, 8 miles and 2000 vertical feet cumulative elevation change offers a challenging yet rewarding approach to the glacier. Eric, our guide was amazing, he is so knowledgeable and shared much about Juneau, the glacier, the flora & fauna and much more. I experienced the magnitude of the forces that shaped many of the hills and valleys in the area. As glaciers are constantly shifting, the caves can never be completely mapped, but that leads to the adventure. The first part of the three-and-a-half-mile trek to through the Tongass National Rainforest to the Mendenhall Glacier starts off gently and then gradually climbs upward until the final and steepest ascent (rock scrambling included!) From the hike on the mendenhall glacier to the ice caves EVERY second was breathtaking. To take in the power of glaciers is something that everyone who has the chance to experience should. Overview The Outbound works best with JavaScript enabled. Picturesque white ice & surrounding mountains. This exhilarating shore excursion will show you a stunning piece of Alaskan nature as you hike through the Tongass Rainforest towards the glacier. We had an awesome day hiking the rainforest around the Mendenhall Glacier up to Nugget Falls. Your Juneau excursion adventure begins with a short drive to a scenic harbor. Located just 12 miles outside of downtown Juneau, Alaska sits the Mendenhall Glacier. Experience the magnitude of the forces that shaped many of our mountains and valleys. This hike will provide excellent views of waterfalls, old mining equipment, in addition to Mendenhall Glacier and Lake. The h... Mount Robert's Tramway offers amazing views from the air, as well as saves you a trek up the mountain side. The Mendenhall Glacier, formerly known as Sitaantaagu ("the Glacier Behind the Town"), is a 12 mile long glacier about 12 miles outside Alaska’s capital Juneau. The center is open year-round and receives close to 500,000 visitors each year, many coming by cruise ship in summer. We want to acknowledge and thank the past, present, and future generations of all Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples whose ancestral lands we travel, explore, and play on. [1], Ghiacciaio Mendenhall con l'omonimo lago ghiacciato in una tersa giornata invernale, Vista del ghiacciaio e del lago dalla riva sud-orientale di quest'ultimo, Vista ravvicinata del ghiacciaio in inverno, Vista da un sentiero del ghiacciaio Mendenhall nell'agosto del 2003, Centro visitatori del ghiacciaio di Mendenhall, Mendenhall Glacier, Tongass National Forest, Terminus Behvaior of Juneau Icefield Glaciers 1948-2005,, Voci non biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo. The trail is a VERY easy walk that takes you right up to the falls. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your The caves have become quite small recently due to melting and collapses. Juneau's Big Five are a list of front range summits that... Mount Robert's Trail in Juneau, Alaska, is a difficult hike through wildflowers and forests. Featuring vivid blue ice and awe-inspiring views of the magnificent Coast Mountains, the Mendenhall Glacier … Gastineau Guiding: Mendenhall Glacier Hike - See 4,444 traveler reviews, 3,340 candid photos, and great deals for Juneau, AK, at Tripadvisor. The Mendenhall Glacier Tour begins with a 4-mile hike through the Tongass National Forest – the largest temperate rainforest in the world, dominated by towering Sitka Spruce and Hemlock Trees. For a unique adventure, paddle across Mendenhall Lake in a canoe and enjoy the humbling view of the immense glacier from the water. Mendenhall Glacier is located about 12 miles from downtown Juneau and is one of 38 large glaciers part of the Juneau Icefield and is just over 13 miles long. Glacier travel should always be done with care, even when following a well defined trail. The pace will be brisk, the day unforgettable. With the use of crampons, you will hike on moderate glacier terrain exploring accessible features such as crevasses, ice caves and moulins. State Troopers said this where most of their rescues happen, usually because of injuries like broken ankles or falls. Complete guide on how to visit the Mendenhall Ice Caves in Juneau, Alaska. The Picnic Shelter #5 is part of the Auk Recreation Area and is located adjacent to a scenic beach on the northern shoreline of ... Overview Unfortunately however they are much less extensive now due to a cave collapse in July of 2014. These caves were a sight to see. 30 minutes: Time set aside for orientation, gear fitting and preparing backpacks for the day. There are two accessible entrances – an upper entrance with a ramp and a lowe… Our hike goes along the west side of the glacier and does not depart from the trail towards the glacier face. Picturesque blue ice & surrounding mountains. Your small group (limited to 12 people per guide) will be led by a certified interpretive guide, as you enjoy a challenging trek through the beautiful Tonass National Forest with views of the Mendenall Glacier. Once you arrive at the trailhead, you will gear up and trek along a secluded trail with several glacier views. Uno dei quali è il "Nugget Falls Trail" che conduce i visitatori alle cascate Nugget (circa 1,5 km di percorso). Eric was knowledgeable and pointed out many landscape elements. A popular day hike for the locals, expect to see others out enjoying the frozen lake in snowshoes, cross country and nordic skis, as well as on foot. The past two years the caves have mainly been found along the far west side of the glacier, where it meets the base of Mt. The perfect balance between between having safety from a guide and also feeling free to explore. From the end of Skater’s Cabin Road parking lot, start on the West Glacier Trail and follow the trail 4.5 miles to the glacier.This is a long trek and the trail is difficult, can be dangerous in areas, and is mostly unmarked, though there usually is some surveyors tape every so often marking the way. A quick drive from downtown Juneau to the ‘trailhead’ parking lot finds you overlooking the nearly half a mile wide face of the glacier. As glacial ice continues to build, gravity pulls the ice down slope. He is so personable and was a joy to meet and get to know. Nel 1899 fu poi ribattezzato ghiacciaio Mendenhall in onore di Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. Il limite del ghiacciaio ha attualmente un bilancio di massa di ghiaccio negativo e continuerà ad arretrare in futuro. In Hiking, Blog, United States, Alaska, Activities, North America, Juneau, Destinations by … If you're in the Juneau area, a visit to the Mendenhall Glacier is a must-do activity. The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center and surrounding area offer stunning views of a lake-terminating, calving glacier. I say ‘trailhead’, as the trail across the lake only exists in the winter months when the lake is frozen enough to cross on foot or ski. This is probably the “toughest” trail on this side of the park, but is still very doable with children and inexperienced hikers. adventures and follow local regulations. The rainforest was a … Feel the crunch of ice under your crampons as you join Alaska hiking guide Emma Lyddan on a trek across iconic Mendenhall Glacier. As you follow your guide through the dense vegetation, around beaver ponds, and up rock scrambles, the wilderness trail becomes less defined. Noto in origine come Sitaantaagu ("il ghiacciaio dietro la città") o Aak'wtaaksit ("il ghiacciaio dietro il piccolo lago") dalla popolazione indigena locale dei Tlingit, il ghiacciaio è stato inizialmente ribattezzato, nel 1888, Auke (Auk) dal naturalista John Muir in onore del gruppo Auk Kwaan (o Aak'w Kwaan) dei Tlingit. The Mendenhall Glacier, formerly known as Sitaantaagu ("the Glacier Behind the Town"), is a 12 mile long glacier about 12 miles outside Alaska’s capital Juneau. Our professional guides are on the ice every day and thrive on showing off what glacier features the Mendenhall Glacier has to offer. brings you to an awe-inspiring view of Mendenhall Glacier and the surrounding mystic landscape. Located 12 miles outside of Juneau inside Mendenhall Glacier; hike or paddle Even better in the winter. Don’t attempt if you’re not good at outdoorsy-ing. Hike The Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves Before It’s Too Late. Why Go. Slick conditions on the ice may call for crampons, and it’s always best to travel with a partner. The Mendenhall Glacier hike was a hike to remember on so many levels!! The cabi... Overview Dal parcheggio sottostante sono accessibili diversi sentieri verso il ghiacciaio. Summer, 5-8 hours. Bring food and water if you are taking a long hike. We liked it so … Take in the awe-inspiring Mendenhall Glacier ahead as well as the blue icebergs of all shapes and sizes. Duration: Winter, 3-4 hours. Nel periodo 1951–1958, il fronte del ghiacciaio, che fluisce verso la periferia di Juneau, è arretrato di 580 m e di 2,82 km dal 1958, quando ha avuto origine il lago Mendenhall e di oltre 4 km dal 1500. The path to the ice caves is very difficult and we do not suggest attempting it unless you are an experienced hiker or you have a knowledgeable guide with you. McGunnis. Whale viewing is guaranteed. A quick breakdown of what the typical timing looks like for this 8-hour tour. Use caution, and have fun exploring the land of the bluest ice. Noto in origine come Sitaantaagu ("il ghiacciaio dietro la città") o Aak'wtaaksit ("il ghiacciaio dietro il piccolo lago") dalla popolazione indigena locale dei Tlingit, il ghiacciaio è stato inizialmente ribattezzato, nel 1888, Auke (Auk) dal naturalista John Muir in onore del gruppo Auk Kwaan (o Aak'w Kwaan) dei Tlingit. Cascading waterfalls, quiet forest glens, and breathtaking glacier views are just a few of the treasured places reached only on foot.

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