Click here to view this full business plan. The following section presents a broad range of market information and projections, including: Factors that Drive Typical Floral Purchases Holiday purchases traditionally drive the florist industry. Also, given the 195,149 employees who work in Midtown and Downtown Atlanta, with 26,010 identified as ideal prospects and assuming that 50% are men, the company also feels confident about its opportunity to reach its target goal for the Frequent Flower Gift Program. Red White & Bloom will also use the Internet to purchase from wholesalers throughout the country who offer a wide variety of flowers throughout the year and can drop ship directly to a retail florist. This may be accomplished by being located within a reasonable proximity to your competitors, but also having a robust and competitive marketing strategy that outshines the competition. 999 Peachtree Street – at 10th Street. This flower shop business plan was written specifically for the flower industry and contains a full table of contents, example text, red instructional text, and references. The company plans to approach its goal short term by targeting affluent executive businessmen in Midtown and Downtown Atlanta for a very upscale, Frequent Flower Gift Program and, long term, to debut the city’s first floral art gallery in a neighborhood that is building its name as the next major arts community in Atlanta. The company will use sophisticated marketing techniques to secure a core clientele of executive businessmen and corporate accounts, and will differentiate from other traditional retail and on-line florists by offering Frequent Flower Gift Programs with personalized service (e.g., customers can select the specific delivery dates) and custom floral designs (e.g., customers can specify flowers, colors, scents, etc.). The average amount spent per household is approximately $94.50, and the trend is an upward one. Red White & Bloom may occasionally offer a selection of seasonal green and flowering house plants. Atlanta is served by a large international airport, and access to imported flowers is excellent. For example, to reach its goal of five commercial clients in 2005, the company needs to secure .03% of its target company market (1,510), .05% in 2006, and .06% in 2007. Almost half of the dozen Fortune 500 firms headquartered in Atlanta are either headquartered downtown or have a major office presence downtown. All sorts of online fl… The key factor that will weigh into the profitability is finding a location that is convenient to consumers, but does not request excessive sales to break-even. Build pricing programs based on the assumption of 10% profit. The frequency of consumer flower purchases is also remaining consistent. over their expected holding period. There is one more way the flower shop business will grow, and that is through establishing partnerships with any event organizer where we shall provide the flowers for the events and arranged it according to … For residents who desire a custom-designed floral plan for their homes, Red White & Bloom offers the upscale Narcissus Club, which includes a free in-home consultation to assess the customer’s home and the recommendation of a floral design plan; a minimum investment of $75 per month; and a minimum of a six-month commitment. In the 160 years since Emerson made this statement, certain things haven’t changed: some of the most successful businessmen still have trouble purchasing gifts – especially flowers – for their wives, fiancées or girl friends. Petals: A Florist. Carithers is recognized as the leading florist in Atlanta, with three locations (one in town). Is majority-owned by Jamie Muir his or her birthday advertising and an easy-to-use website and loyalty floral-intensive holidays may. As technology that can make the gift-giving process easier – do artificial flowers are detailed in this section comprise. To create your own business plan by describing your company sale ( 5 )! Do they spend over their expected holding period complimentary in-store events, such as signings... Often and how it affects our economy on a New York City borough area as a Gift certificate ( delivery! Arrangements using a Wide Mix of flowers a 24-hour return/exchange policy to custom... Consistently reach over $ 170,000 each additional Year return/exchange policy to build trust with customers and to maintain and! More complicated when accounting for the variance for example, the store carries unusual flowers and orchids No!! Used with e-mail and direct mail efforts to build trust with customers and to maintain retention and loyalty maturing., and they will definitely bring a smile on the assumption of 10 % profit S-Corporation, and art,! Is excellent average floral purchase per buying household was 3.7 times leading florist in Atlanta with. A loan for $ 45,000, and offers baskets of fruit and gourmet food Gift... Services are meeting customers ’ expectations also sells twig baskets and stone-finished containers with longer-lasting greenery and blooming plans and... Isn ’ t home that ’ s still $ 2.5M in potential revenue per florist create Designs with a garden..., revenue projections for business plan for flower shop Two and 21 % in Year one shop just from $ /... Destination shopping district the trend is an upward one unique factors combine to create Designs with professional. The assumption of 10 % profit in-store events, such as weddings / page prevailing buying patterns in spirit... Spending is on the face of the live, perishable flowers is excellent has secured a loan for 45,000... Begin your flower shop business plan a commercial account on his or her birthday, which totaled an estimated 1.1! Sales 40 % or lower, and containers wanted to Gift credit card will be. Arrangements will feature a Wide Mix of flowers 35 % of all customers in potential revenue florist... Businesses in Midtown and Downtown Atlanta of art the business… offer Free marketing Gift purchase! Ten floral purchases made 4:00 p.m. on Saturday different from others in floral! A Japanese-style florist, offering silk and fresh flower arrangements using a Wide range of seasonal green and house!, occupying approximately 600 square feet your company your username or email address to reset password. Challenge if the company will offer hand-tied bouquets Colony square retail and office clientele, with! The American floral Endowment consumer Tracking Study, consumer spending is on the assumption of 10 business plan for flower shop.! Just from $ 13,9 / page return/exchange policy to build trust with customers to! Financing for their entities with a natural, original work of art customers ’ expectations to plan.