Couple that with the fact that better options are becoming available at a much more affordable price with many more companies taking notice and jumping in on the action. Definitely not a bad choice, but not my favorite option, either. Now that it’s been in the system for most of a year now, we’ve learned a lot. ALthough similar to the regular SIGHT II Plus, this one is made specifically for sport shooting. Choosing the right sight for your pistol can be intimidating. Finding the dot takes nearly forever. A master-class shooter can point shoot and get past this; but not many handgunners out there are that skilled overall. By far, Walther had the best plates for red dot installation. It’s not catastrophic, but when our people shoot the gun side by side with the better guns in this regard, they always leave the 320 laying on the table and move on. And for those keeping score at home, I count that limitation of optics choices as a strike against SIG. Having used handguns for a living for over 30 years, both operational and as a trainer ( training is different than instructing ) I too am a weekly USPSA ‘A’ shooter and run my P320RX in the Open Class; yes against all the highly modified STI, CZ, and the never ending plethora of 1911 clones. Feature Articles, You’ll thank me later. Slower, more complicated, more stuff to do than plain sights or even the slide top. A couple things to add. This isn’t a brand issue; I carry an XDS as my all-time favorite carry gun and my male shooter used to carry a .45 ACP XD as his primary CCW pistol. Quick Stats 1. The Vortex Venom Red Dot Top Load 3 MOA Dot is in the running to become the best pistol reflex sight. I only tried hand gun red dot couple times, except for timed slow fire, I couldn’t use it at all in active movement shooting. Until someone steps up with battery life in a micro red dot on par with an Aimpoint T-1, I think it is a bad idea. Over the last decade, we have seen more and more red dots show up for specific military purposes, like suppressed pistols. Some people prefer it larger, while others like one as tiny as possible. A very few are motion activated, but that also means the battery is on all day while you are walking around doing your normal stuff. Now it has a 2.7# trigger that searbreaks clean like the proverbial icicle. Again, so say our customers. Use them for competition or playing with suppressed pistols; I totally get that. I also have become a Glock lover and have a sig as well but I use Crimson Trace grip type lasers and don’t much care for the other lasers. The RDO is setup to accommodate optics from Burris, Trijicon, Leupold and C-More. Battery Life: Up to 5 years 3. It took a little while longer for a few cutting-edge handgunners to discover the red-dot sight’s advantages. SIG Sauer has a whole line of pistols that come from the factory wearing the Romeo1 mini red dot. I feel like I got in on Sig P-320 craze kind of early on. The author is shooting the P320 RX. So, take a look at what we did, go hands on with them if you can, and decide how you want to get into the red dot-equipped pistol market. Works great on my .22 bull barrel Ruger armadillo pistol w/ light though. There are tons of options out there, so how do you know which products are worth your money? Glock, Beretta APX RDO Pistol is Red Dot Optics-Ready ~ Gun Review Ammoland Inc. Posted on April 16, 2018 January 3, 2019 by Tom McHale Tom McHale reviews and range tests the newest optics ready … Guns were in .30 cal and .45 ACP, the uniforms were pressed to a razor’s edge, and Mitsubishi was a thing only known for being shot out of the sky. Smith & Wesson, Stoeger STR-9 Optic-ReadyStoeger is a value-oriented firearm manufacturer that offers full-size and compact versions of its polymer striker-fired STR-9. And slow is always bad. I have the FNX 45 Tactical and recently put a Romeo 1 on it and it works great! The above is all coming from a 1911 shooter who carries a .45 Commander and does not care for 9mm polymer guns, so there’s no dog in this hunt. Both Red dots bolt directly to the slide of the FNX with identical bolt patterns, so I would guess ou should have been able to switch out the Romeo 1 with the Burris FF3. To preclude some of that bias, I enlisted another male shooter, and a female shooter for other opinions. In fact I keep this pistol instead of a pistol caliber carbine due to its weight, size and accuracy potential. Now the APX comes in four configurations, including the red-dot ready APX RDO configuration with a 4.25-inch barrel, 17-round magazines and an interchangeable grip frame. Glock also gets negative points because the mounting hardware is a separate purchase. The Trijicon MRO and Aimpoint PRO are my clear frontrunners for best red dot sight for the money. It’s versatile, able to fit on small or large pistols, and has customization controls for wind and elevation to make your shooting experience as accurate as possible.