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Garden Update: Peas | Speedkin

Garden Update: Peas

A couple of days ago, I soaked a couple pounds of Sugar Snap peas for 8-10 hours, until they looked plump.  I drained them and covered with a damp cloth.  Two or three times each day, I’d gently rinse and drain them, then recover with the damp cloth.  Yesterday, I noticed that the little “tails” on the butt ends of the peas were starting to swell — that was my sign.  I started planting out last night.  By this morning, most of the remaining peas in my dish had full-fledged root shoots.


This morning, I finished planting them.  I have double rows — on both sides of the arch trellis and the cucumber fence as well.  It’s roughly 250’+, maybe a bit more.


The beginnings of my “perennial ring”.  Several days ago, Nancy came over and helped me transplant some walking onions along a portion of the south fence of the main garden.  Of course, now Steve & I have decided that that fence is coming out.  Best laid plans…



2 Responses to “Garden Update: Peas”

  1. Jessica Chipps March 27, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

    Thank you. I am not a pea planting expert…and I have a pound to plant – as soon as I can plunge a hoe into the dirt!

  2. Ilene March 29, 2014 at 6:23 am #

    My peas are all up now, I started them in just the same way as you. It took awhile for them to emerge and I had started to worry they’d died from the cold. This is really the best, most dependable way I know of to start peas. Looks like you’ll have enough to bring in this year even if Josie does start to hang out in the pea patch again. Heh.

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