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Milk Stand and Hay Feeder for sale | Speedkin

Milk Stand and Hay Feeder for sale

To follow up on my “Goats for Sale” post, here are the photos of the milk stand and hay feeder.  They are for sale, $75 each.  Steve designed and built them both.  They’re very sturdy and have been kept out of the the weather.

Milk stand:

This is 60″ front to back, 67″ floor to tippy-top of the head closure slats, 31″ wide (side-to-side), and 21″ from floor to deck.  The head closure slats are held closed with two long galvanized bolts.  Feed is held in a bucket which is, in turn, held by a wired ring.  Personally, we liked that better than the usual “tray” feeder because we could take it out and clean it easily.  If you prefer a tray style, you could add one quite easily.  We used this stand for everything from small Kinders to large Saanens.  It’s extra wide because I preferred to sit along side the goats on the deck with my legs up while milking, as opposed to using a stool beside the stand.






Hay feeder:  SOLD!

The hay feeder has a catch-tray underneath the slotted holder.  This eliminates a lot of waste, what would otherwise end up on the floor to be soiled.  Each side has a “step” for the goats.  This stepping-up keeps the goats from a lot of their usual dragging out of piles of hay to the ground to picked through.  The step also allows even the young kids to reach the hay.  (The smaller kids all seem to really enjoy the little hidey-hole underneath the feeder.)  This measure 15″ from floor to step, 28″ from floor to catch tray, 55″ from floor to very top of hay rack, and 48.5″ wide at the widest part (the tray).






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  1. George McLaughlin Jr. August 3, 2013 at 6:32 am #

    Diane, I must have missed it before. Why are you giving up on goats? Just cutting back?

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