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Packaged Bee Installation, 2013 | Speedkin

Packaged Bee Installation, 2013

The bees arrived late, late at night on April 5th.  I think it was somewhere between 10 and 11 at night.  *yawn*


Needless to say, we left the installation for the following day.  It went smoothly and, very lucky for us, we had some friends over to document the day.  Rhonda and Wesley, her talented photographer husband, wanted to see how it all went down.  We also had some neighbors from up the road come over.  Three sisters who are  in 4-H and just getting ready to begin their beekeeping journey.

A huge thank you to Wes for sharing his beautiful photos with me and another thanks to the girls for allowing me to post their faces here!

Dumping the bees.


The still-caged queen.


Charlie showing the bees who’s boss.


We pulled the remaining honey from the deadout hive.  Most of it went into the other hives but we snuck two frames into the house and harvested.  Yummy, dark honey — my favorite!


Of course, the bees weren’t the only ones getting extra attention that day.


How stinking cute is she?!?!



Again, thanks to Wes for braving the bees to take these photos and then sharing them!!

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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