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My New Ride: The Tardis Van | Speedkin

My New Ride: The Tardis Van

The ol’ Duggar family van that we’ve been driving has been wonderful. We’ve hauled all sorts of things in it, people and livestock included. It runs like a champ and starts dependably through it all. But, man, does it suck down the gas.  With all ofthe running around I do taking kids here & there and the cost of gas these days, it was pretty painful.

Enter the “new” van:


Looks rather tiny, doesn’t it?  Boxy and ugly, as is the norm for Aerostars.  (Astrovan!  It’s an Astrovan.  Man, that’s been irritating me all day.)  Ah, but once you step inside…


It seats eight!  And has fold down seat dividers so, when I don’t have all of the kids with me, there’s some separation.  “Mom, he toooouuuuccceeddd me!”  Yet there’s still a bunch of room in the rear for groceries (or goats)!  I seriously don’t know how they squeezed all of that interior space into such a small exterior.  Henceforth, this van shall be known as the Tardis Van.

Now, who wants to buy the Duggar family van?  :-D  The kids and I will spend this weekend getting it all cleaned up and sticking a For Sale sign in the window.  It will be sad to see it go (I love that van!) but we don’t need an extra van sitting around, just taking up space.  *mournful sigh*

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  1. Gail Curry April 24, 2013 at 12:09 pm #

    Love the new van! Wish you luck on selling the old one!

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