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An Ugly Start to March | Speedkin

An Ugly Start to March

Everything is brown and tan and mucky and muddy.  There’s no grass left in the backyard.  There are piles of gray, gravelly snow scattered here and there.  There are previously-lost tools and toys popping up in random spots in the yard as the snow melts away.  Stacks upon stacks of scavenged scrap treasure line the driveway, awaiting the soggy ground to firm enough to transport them to more socially acceptable storage.

It’s been an ugly start to March.  Blech.

Today, I managed to dump every last drop of the morning’s milking.  Argh.  I had just dropped off milk for customers the night before but, luckily, I had enough reserved in the fridge to cover Downey’s breakfast.  Let’s just pretend I’m really, really smart and had that whole reserve-in-case-of-accident thing planned out, shall we?

Then I dug the kimchi out of the back of the fridge.  It’s been fermenting for months!  It spent several weeks at room temp and then another several weeks in the fridge.  I was afraid.  I’d tried “kimchi” before and never liked it… but I don’t think it was real kimchi, know what I mean.  Just like most “foods” today aren’t real, aren’t prepared in the traditional ways.  They’re fake.  Now I like some fake foods as well as the next person but not fake kimchi.  Ew.  Anyway, I gingerly tried a bite of my real kimchi.  WOOOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!  Holy crap, I am a convert!!  I need to start more immediately!  I just checked and I had started the kimchi in November.  This is definitely not an instant gratification thing.  I’d better not run out because I’m addicted after just one bite.

Next?  I smelled spring in the air this afternoon!!  Yes!!  So it seems March is going to at least have some good points to balance out the ugly.  :-)

In other news, I’ve farmed out most of my seed starting this year.  I’ve raised my own seedlings for so long now, it’s pretty strange but I know it’ll end well.  I was lucky enough to be stationed next to the coolest veggie farmers ever at the market last year.  You guys think I plant a lot?  Ha.  You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen Brad & Jessica!  Once I realized that I didn’t have time or space (safe from all of the animals) to raise seedlings this y ear, I begged Brad & Jessica to start some for me.  And they said yes!  The best part?  I know they’ll be great, healthy seedlings and I could just tell them to plant whatever cultivars because they have very similar tastes to me.  How lucky am I?!

So that takes care of my tomato and sweet pepper seedlings for this crazy busy year.  Whew.  We still have chiles in the freezer from last year so I’ll just pick up a few random jalapeno plants at the farm store if I think I need to plant a few more.  Everything else can either be direct seeded or they’re quick starts, like cole crops and that sort of thing that I can definitely fit into my time and protect from the critter hordes for the short term.

Now if we could just get everything else done…  More fencing up, animal shelters to build, winter’s piles of stuff moved to their permanent homes, babies born, hooves trimmed, hives readied for new bees, and on and on and on.  And new grass seeded in the backyard.  *eyeroll*


2 Responses to “An Ugly Start to March”

  1. Ilene March 14, 2013 at 7:04 am #

    You’re right, this is kind of an ugly time of year. We need that moisture that makes mud, even if we don’t enjoy the mud much. Just consider the mess as a by-product of progress, everyone else does! Heh. I’ve never had kimchee. Wish I had someone to start my plants for me. This year it’s been a real challenge.

    I guess you’re not the first to dump out your milk accidentally. Otherwise why would there be an expression about never crying over spilled milk? Heh. Chalk it up to “education”, it could’ve been a lot worse without the reserve you had. Keep on keepin’ on… Hugs, Ilene XOXOXO

    • Diane March 15, 2013 at 10:47 pm #

      I only grumbled over the spilled milk and made sure not to cry or anything sissy & cliche like that, Ilene. ;-)

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