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2013 Hannibal Polar Plunge Fundraising Begins! | Speedkin

2013 Hannibal Polar Plunge Fundraising Begins!

It’s that time again!  Remember when Cody, Isaac, and Charlie all did the Polar Plunge last year?  They raised over $1000 for Special Olympics with just the three of them.  Very cool stuff.  Thanks again to all who donated to Team SpeedKin!

Thanks to some spousal smack talk during last year’s event, Steve and I are joining the team this year!  And Duke is now old enough (minimum age is 10) so he’s doing it as well!  Cody and Charlie will rejoin the team but Isaac is branching off to form his own team.  (I’ll do another post once he gets his team & fundraising page up & running.)  That makes us a team of five and we’ve set a goal to raise, altogether, at least $1500 this year.  $300 bucks each.  (We are required to raise a minimum of $75 each before we can plunge.)  Let the begging begin!

For those new to this, let me explain:

What & When:  On Saturday, January 26th, we dress up in silly costumes (there may or may not be coconut bras involved) and run & fall into the freezing Mississippi River in Hannibal, Missouri.

Why:  To raise money for the Special Olympics of Missouri.  If you can spare $1, we’ll take it.  If you can spare a few thousand dollars, well, we need to talk about an under-the-table deal.  What?  I’m kidding!!  Seriously, whatever amount you’d like to donate will be appreciated and all proceeds go directly to the Special Olympics of Missouri.

Bonus:  The individual who raises the most money gets awarded The Golden Plunger!  Sweet!  (Edit:  Charlie has informed me that The Golden Plunger goes to the individual with the best costume.)

What You Can Do, Option #1:  Donate!  Donate through our online fundraising page here:  Team SpeedKin’s Fundraising Page.  Or get me a check (email me for my mailing address) for any amount, made out to SOMO (Special Olympics of Missouri).

What You Can Do, Option #2:  Join our team!  Do you have an overwhelmingly stupid urge to jump into the frigid Mississippi in January with us?  Let me know and you can join Team SpeedKin!

What You Can Do, Option #3:  Show up and cheer us on!  Even if you don’t want to part with any cash, we’d still really appreciate you coming out to use peer pressure and occasional threatening body language to ensure we don’t chicken out cheer us on that day.

I can’t wait!  Okay, I’m lying. I can wait.  I can wait until, like, July or something.  Crap, what did I get myself into??

Look forward to more begging between now and the end of January.  :-D

Hannibal Polar Plunge 2013.  Be there or be warm square.

7 Responses to “2013 Hannibal Polar Plunge Fundraising Begins!”

  1. Jessica December 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm #

    Wish I was closer. I’d def. Have to check this out! Unfortunately I spawned chickens, but maybe they’d convert to crazy nuts and give it a try if so inspired!

    • Diane December 11, 2012 at 11:57 am #

      They have Polar Plunges all over the USA. I dare ya to find one close to you and talk your family into it. :-D

  2. Hollie December 11, 2012 at 8:46 am #

    Send me an address….I’ll make a donation in Lil’c’s name…
    And I’ll be part of the cheering squad…with posters! LOL

    your one of a kind Diane!

    I’ll also post the info on our Shadow Riders page on FB….tell the riders that, “remember those scouts at our Honor Flights? well, they could use some help”…see if I can get some money headed your way.


    • Diane December 11, 2012 at 12:00 pm #

      Oh, that’d be GREAT, Hollie! — both you being in the cheering section and helping to spread the word! (You can just link them directly to this page if you’d like. Let me know if you need help.)

      Will email you in a second…

  3. Feather December 15, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    You are much braver than I am. My body started aching just reading about the cold water plunge. Good Luck, it’s a very worthy cause. I know some people here that participate in Special Olympics and it’s a big deal to them. I love the fact that every person gets an award.

    • Diane December 19, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      I’m pretty sure there’s no bravery involved on my part. Only insanity, pure & simple.


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