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Countdown to the farmer’s market… | Speedkin

Countdown to the farmer’s market…

The opening day of the new Hannibal Farmer’s Market is this Saturday.  Yikes.  I am so not ready.  These past couple of weeks have seen my spending hours on the phone with various state & local offices, getting paperwork, permits, & fees in order, and trying to come up with some general (sane) plan for it all.

A few days ago, I planted out 170 tomato seedlings into TomatoHenge.  I still have about 100 left to find spots for — and support.  I might end up having to do some fence trellising with them for this year.  The onions I planted earlier this year were bitten back by frost pretty hard and many of them did not survive.  I’ve bought a few replacements that I’ll get planted out this week.  Same for the potato pulls that were hit by frost.  I have a few dozen TPS with which to replace them this week.  I’m thinking I’ll get some dent corn planted this week as well and maybe some early plantings of bush beans.  I bought a few pounds so that I can succession crop them over the summer.

I’ll be spending the rest of today potting up the rest of the seedlings to sell.  And watching ducklings hatch!  We have six already hatched with several more eggs left to go.  Of course, they won’t all hatch out but we’ll hope for a good percentage.  Six goose eggs are keeping them company and due to hatch out in the next couple of days as well, along with a few chickens. Shortly after that, there are more goose eggs and a dozen White Silkies to hatch.  And did I mention I’m saving back duck eggs now to incubate?  Yeah, because I need more to do.

(For my notes, I set about five dozen chicken eggs to incubate on the… 9th?  10th?  Thirty of these will be for the Cooks to raise for a laying flock and we’ll keep the leftovers to sell or add to our flock.)

(Are you getting the sense of scatterbrained-ness in this post?  Yep.  I’m there.  Consider this one of my thinking-out-loud posts.)

The salad greens and herbs are doing very well so I’ll have plenty of those to sell at market on Saturday.  I’ll also have all of those seedlings for sale, along with some sourdough.  I fed the starter this morning and will begin baking tomorrow. (Cody’s grinding wheat as quickly as he can for me while I’m out tending to plants.  I don’t know what I’d do without him!)  Steve’s going to be working some miracles for me in the next few days to get canopy weights & tables made for me.  This is truly a family effort!  Then again, most things we do are.

By the way, the Hannibal Farmer’s Market does not yet have a website up and running but they do have a Facebook page.  Check them out here:  Hannibal Famer’s Market.  On that same note, I’ve been tinkering with the SpeedKin Facebook page.  I’ve had to go back to old blog pics since the garden isn’t terribly photogenic at present.  I’ll try to get some better pics with this in mind over the season.  In the meantime, check it out here:  SpeedKin on Facebook.  I’m open to suggestions.  :-)

2 Responses to “Countdown to the farmer’s market…”

  1. Jessica May 14, 2012 at 5:02 pm #

    I’m glad yours starts first!! hopefully you’ll be posting some good market HOW tos, this will be our first time…wish us well on June 23. I just liked you on facebook.

    • Diane May 14, 2012 at 5:46 pm #

      I’m a newbie to farmer’s markets, too, so we’ll probably be learning together. And I’m the world’s worst salesperson! So I’m just going to do what I love most and know best, hoping it’ll all sell itself. LOL Keep me updated on how you do, too! I’m behind on my blog reading because of the recent insanity. Have you posted about your FM? I’ll go look tonight.

      Thanks for the like!

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