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Quickie Garden Update & Early Bees | Speedkin

Quickie Garden Update & Early Bees

We’re up to our eyeballs in garden chores lately so I wanted to jot down a few, quick notes for reference.  Time keeps slipping away on me.

The sunchokes in the front walk raised bed have poke their heads above ground & mulch, as have the orange mint and apple mint planted there.  I gave the mints a wide area to go nuts in and planted several dozen chunks of celery and parsley in the end of the bed that gets a bit of afternoon shade from the porch.  The peppermint & spearmint in the other front walk bed have gone absolutely bonkers.  The lemon balm in the same bed is also very vigorous but much better behaved than the mints.

Charlie has most of his bed planted but has saved room for tomatoes, ground cherries, and peppers.  The other kids’ beds still aren’t built but, with any luck, Steve should get to that this week.

In the backyard raised beds (that I have yet to show you — new this spring) are now filled up.  Bed #1 has walking onions, potato onions, and newly planted Red Welsh onions that I started from seed this year.  Bed #2 has nothing but garlic, garlic, garlic.  Bed #3 has the raspberries I planted a couple of weeks ago, plus the Alpine strawberries from last year (transplanted from the front wheel beds).  Beds #4 & 5 have full size strawberries.  Bed #6 has asparagus, transplanted from back yard wheel beds that I started last year.  Bed #7 has transplanted rhubarb (previously in back yard wheel beds).  Bed #8 has various greens in it (corn salad, mache, orach, French sorrel, kale, Swiss chard, Good King Henry…  I think that is it for that bed.

In the remaining backyard wheel beds are a couple types of oregano, chives, garlic chives, brown mustard seed, dill, sage, green onions, and cilantro.  In the main garden, the broccoli and cabbage have been planted — a wide row of each on either side of the pea/bean trellis.

The tomato, pepper, and ground cherry seedlings are all ready to be separated and potted up.  I’ll have to spend a few hours in the basement doing that this week.  I’ve presprouted the Sugar Snap peas and soaked the spinach seed so will get those planted first thing in the morning.

And… while I was typing up the draft for this, we got the call that our bee packages will be in this Friday.  Way earlier than what we expected and, so, we are unprepared.  That means everything else is out the window while we pull some bee-equipment-building miracles out of our butts.  As you all know by now, that’s just how we roll…

See ya on the other side!

2 Responses to “Quickie Garden Update & Early Bees”

  1. Chris April 2, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    This year is getting off to a very early start. It’s only April 2nd, and I already have a whole super full of honey!

    I know a few folks who are getting nucs, scheduled for April 28th, which is (usually) the normal delivery time each year. But with this warm weather right now, April 28th seems so far away for them!

    Good luck getting your gear together, and it sounds like the bees will have a fine place to live with all the fruits/vegetables you’ve got going!


    • Diane April 8, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

      A full super already? How cool! We need to check our thriving Italian hive here in a few days — hoping she’ll be like yours and honey it up nicely.

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