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First Bee Inspection | Speedkin

First Bee Inspection

Steve & Charlie inspected the hives yesterday.  They spotted the Italian queen and all looked in order there.  The Carniolan queen, however, was not to be found.  She might have been hiding so not all hope is lost but they did spot about five supercedure cells.  30-40% of the frames in both hives were drawn out.  No eggs were seen but, being newbies, we could have easily missed them.  Pollen and nectar were being stored.  Both hives had a bit of bridge comb.  One of the frames in the Carniolan frame had a double layer of comb.  No idea what that means so we’ll have see if we can find some info on that and the supercedure cells.  I’ll try to get out there with the camera on the next inspection so there are pics to share.  This time, I was back in the garden, showing the world my best side.

This is all the neighbors ever see of me.

In garden news, I got quite a few things transplanted into the ground.  A 40′ double row of potato pulls (Cherry Red, Yellow Finn, Kennebec, Yukon Gem, Red Thumb) for a total 15 running feet per those five varieties.  A 40′ double row of TPS seeds for a total of 80 running feet of a single variety, Yungay.  Both of these double rows were trenched and I’ll fill them in and hill as they grow.  This morning, I managed to get sod removed around about half of the new chicken run fence that’s going up and planted 18-ish tomatillos along the exterior of it, mulching with grass clippings.

Bonus:  An exclusive, rare photo of a teen working — without whining!



2 Responses to “First Bee Inspection”

  1. Ilene May 12, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    Great progress! That’s about the same kind of view my neighbors have of me, except that I’m down on all four since I can’t bend much from the waist. Heh! I’ve got the market cornered on jeans with brown knees.

    • Diane May 12, 2011 at 10:44 am #

      I feel at least a bit of your pain today. The heating pad is my friend. LOL

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