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Busy, busy, busy!

I’d better keep up with blogging every day right now if I plan on being able to use this as a garden reference journal.  I’m so behind!

The garden fence is going up finally.  After seeing the complete crap that passes for chicken wire nowadays, we decided to spend a little extra and use woven wire around the garden.  It’s 2″ x 4″ so it’ll work to keep the chickens out.  The one remaining roll of good chicken wire we brought with us from Oklahoma will go around the chicken run.

Last weekend, the kids and I trotted down to Susan & Bob’s again to drop off some onions and they sent us home with lemon balm, peppermint, and several ornamental starts so we got those planted.

Oh, also got several more wheel beds placed and filled with dirt but in the front yard this time.

The wintersowing jugs have all had their tops cut off now and the majority have sprouted.

The tomatoes, herbs, and various other seedlings are all now living out on the front sidewalk, night & day.  There are a few dozen flats full so it’s a relief not to have to carry them up and down the basement stairs each morning and evening.  The true potato seedlings still go in at night but those only amount to a couple of flats at this point.  The peppers are still living down in the basement, under lights, for now.

A variegated sage jumped into my cart at the store this week so I planted it into one of the backyard wheel beds.  It will be joined by the wintersown sage in the next few days.

A wonderful neighbor of ours stopped by this morning with wonderful gifts.  He’s a gardening nut like me and brought me plants:  a lettuce-leaf basil and White Princess tomato seedling.  Yay for great neighbors!

1600-ish onion plants planted out in the garden yesterday.  (I was able to force Susan to take a couple hundred so I didn’t have to plant the full 1800.  She’s taking more next year!)

60-ish broccoli, 20-ish Brussel sprouts, 12-ish cauliflower, and 12-ish kohlrabi seedlings were planted out in the garden today.  I was apparently sleeping the day I started those seeds as I have no variety names on their labels.  Doh.

Sugar Snap peas, having soaked for a day or two in the house, were nicely sprouted today so I planted them out this morning, double rows along both sides the tunnel trellis.

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