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Bzzz, bzzz! | Speedkin

Bzzz, bzzz!

Delivery of the actual bees has been delayed until April 29th due to weather but there has been progress in the hive-building department.

Doesn’t everyone build bee hives in roller blades?

Our own little child-fueled sweat shop in the basement.

More garden progress today:  Tunnel trellis is completed.  Many of the brassicas have sprouted and spent the day outside, soaking up the not-quite-sun.  Three million more peppers and tomatoes germinated and are now potted.  Black sesame and garlic chives, wintersown February 6, popped up over the past couple of days.    Finally finished up the last bit of fruit tree pruning & caging.  (Still need to deer-proof cage the pecan trees on the other side of the property.

Wow. It's Quiet Here...

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